Our Team

Board of Directors

  • Susana Loza

    Susana Loza, assistant professor of media culture, received B.A. degrees in Political Science and Psychology from Stanford University, and her Ph.D. in Comparative Ethnic Studies from the University of California at Berkeley. She teaches cultural studies, critical race theory, film and media studies, popular music, feminist theory, and ethnic studies. Her research interests include science fiction and horror; racial and sexual performativity; digital media and cybercolonialism; the politics of online fandom; power, privilege and cultural appropriation; and the resurgence of minstrelsy in “post-racial” times.

  • nina de jesusnina is the digital projects librarian at York University. They got their
    MLIS from UBC, in addition to an MA in Asian Studies and a BA in Chinese
    and Philosophy. They work primarily in the areas of digital preservation
    and scholarly communication using free/libre and open source software and
    advocating for open access. nina is primarily interested in decolonization
    of land, people, and culture — as such she recently started exploring the
    values and ethics of the free culture & free software movements. They are
    committed to an understanding of freedom as liberation from oppression.
  • Adelaida McIntire | Email

    Adelaida is a feminist theorist as well as a free software and free culture advocate. She’s interested in examining issues of oppression and violence in order to imagine new frameworks of embodiment and subjectivity. One area of specific interest to Adelaida is thinking about how technology influences notions of identity and communication from a critical feminist perspective. Adelaida has worked for many years advocating for feminism, free cultural works, free software, and many related issues since completing her internship at the Free Software Foundation in 2009 and Electronic Frontier Foundation in 2010.

  • Jennifer Baek  | Email

    Jennifer is a 3rd year student at New York Law School affiliated with the Justice Action Center and Institute of Information Law and Policy. She is the Executive Online Editor of the New York Law School Law Review and co-president of the NYLS Chapters of SFC and the American Constitution Society. She is interested in privacy and telecommunications law and policy and hopes to pursue a career advocating for digital civil liberties.

  • Kẏra | Email

    Kẏra is an activist within—and critic of—the free software and free culture movements. As a student, aspiring hacker, 2ⁿᵈ generation hoppa, and trans femme cyborg, Kẏra is committed to free software and free culture as a matter of POC empowerment, disability justice, decolonization, queer liberation, prison abolition, and the destabilization of patriarchy. Their own experiences gaining footing in hacker communities led them to organize the Empowermentors Collective. They’ve worked for many years on the advocacy of free software, free cultural works, and many related issues since having been an intern at the Free Software Foundation in 2010.

Other officers/volunteers

  • Asheesh LaroiaSysadmin of Last Resort: Asheesh Laroia (Johns Hopkins University alumnus) Email

    Asheesh Laroia received a M.S. in computer science at the Johns Hopkins University in 2007. He received his B.A. in cognitive science from JHU. In 2004, he filed a deposition in the Diebold lawsuit that first earned the student free culture movement coverage in the national media. A long-time participant in free software and free culture, he interned at Creative Commons in 2006.

Alumni Advisory Board

  • Ben Moskowitz (UC Berkeley) EmailBen Moskowitz co-founded the SFC@Berkeley chapter of Students for Free Culture and created a seminar on the cultural dimensions of piracy. He also co-organized the Free Culture 2008 Conference and the Open Video Conference in NYC. He is currently a student of Mandarin at NYU SCPS and serves as the general coordinator of the Open Video Alliance.
  • Kevin Donovan (Georgetown) Email

    Kevin Donovan is a rising junior at Georgetown University’s School of Foreign Service, majoring in Science, Technology & International Affairs with a certificate in International Development. He started the Georgetown chapter of SFC and has worked on technology policy issues at the World Bank’s infoDev program and is currently working on an OpenCourseWare pilot program. He writes about technology policy at Techdirt, his personal blog, and on Twitter.

  • Elizabeth Stark is the founder of the Harvard University chapter of Students for Free Culture. She went to Brown University and is currently a lecturer at Yale University, teaching courses on law and technology. She is also a founder of the Open Video Alliance. At Harvard, she conducted research for the Berkman Center for Internet and Society, was an Editor of the Harvard Journal of Law Technology, and has worked as Teaching Fellow for courses in Cyberlaw, Electronic Music, and Internet and Society. She has collaborated with organizations such as the EFF, Creative Commons, and iCommons. She is highly interested in the impact of technology on digital culture, and is (semi-)obsessed with electronic music.

Faculty Advisory Board

  • Pat Aufderheide, University Professor @ American University; Director, Center for Social Media
  • James Boyle, William Neal Reynolds Professor of Law @ Duke Law School; Co-founder, Center for the Study of the Public Domain
  • Gabriella Coleman, Assistant Professor of Media, Culture and Communication @ NYU
  • Stephen Duncombe, Associate Professor, Gallatin School, New York University
  • Edward Felten, Professor of Computer Science & Public Affairs @ Princeton University; Director, Center for Information Technology Policy
  • Henry Jenkins, Provost Professor of Communication, Journalism and Cinematic Arts @ the University of Southern California;
  • Rebecca MacKinnon, Bernard Schwartz Senior Fellow, New America Foundation; co-founder, Global Voices Online
  • Kembrew McLeod, Associate Professor, University of Iowa
  • Michael R. Nelson, Visiting Professor @ Georgetown University’s Communication, Culture and Technology Program
  • Brian Rowe, Adjunct Professor at University of Washington’s Information School and Seattle University Law
  • Wendy Seltzer, Fellow, Silicon Flatirons Center for Law, Technology, and Entrepreneurship; Fellow, Berkman Center for Internet & Society
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