The Graveyard is Full

Thanks to everyone who brought dead art back to life in our Undead Art competition! You can now find out who our lucky winners are, though if you wish to pay your respects at the graveyard, you still can, too.

So, kudos to Gabriel Koenig and his excellent and hilarious guide on surviving a zombie attack, which snagged a place not only in our hearts, but first place in the graveyard.
We found Alex Bradbury’s photo mosaic slick and classy enough to award it second place, and Willie Draves scared us into giving him 3rd for his Zombies in Vegas MP3.
Of course, we can’t forget Ophir Ronen and Dylan Carlino for their dancing skillz in “Potpourri of the Dead.” Their talents, with the bonus points incurred for taking selections from the vampire flick Nosferatu, earned them a spot on our “honorable mention” list.

Don’t forget, though, that these bodies aren’t even cold yet. Thanks to the Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike License, you can exhume the bodies of these entries at will, and build the next Frankenstein; rigor mortis be damned!

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  3. A bug: the archive mistakenly put the Quicktime versions up with the wrong mime type — they’re text/plain.

  4. The Willie Draves piece is really good — I put it up in the banner on

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