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logo: Blogshine Sunday - March 13, 2005

On March 13, news organizations across the United States will participate in “Sunshine Sunday” by running stories and editorials in support of public access to government information. But professional journalists aren’t the only ones. is organizing “Blogshine Sunday” on the same day to ensure that government remains accessible to tomorrow’s journalists. We’re encouraging bloggers throughout the U.S. and beyond to spotlight their own experiences with obtaining access to government documents.

Recent events, from the OPEN Government Act to Apple v. Does, make this more important than ever. Equal access to government access is a key step in putting new journalism on equal footing with the old guard. Specifically, Blogshine Sunday aims to make these two points:

  • In an increasingly wired society, government documents need to be digital and online, not just buried in archives.
  • “Professional” journalists are not the only people who deserve access to our government — everyone does.

Please join us by writing in your blog on Sunday. Visit for more information.

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A press release is available on the Blogshine blog, or in PDF or ODT.

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  1. Our Boston Public Library denies or delays access to public documents of itself, for example annual reports, long range planning documents, budget, consultants reports, department heads reports. As an agency of municipal government public documents of local government department should be available. Ironically our BPL censors itself from BPLusers, BPL staff and BPL unions advocates.

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  4. Anything Don Saklad says about the BPL should be researched to verify it’s truthfulness. He has been quite an outspoken solo voice about them for a very long time. The BPL really is one of the finest public libraries in the country, a place I know very well and have never experienced any censorship.

  5. corrected url from previous poster

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