Announcing the National Day of Action for Open Access: Feb. 15

I am proud to announce’s participation in the National Day of Action for Open Access on Feb. 15.

Together with the Alliance for Taxpayer Access, we are organizing the day to highlight students’ stake in the debate about access to research. We’re encouraging our chapters to take action on their campus to raise awareness at their school.

Read the press release here.

( is a member of the Alliance for Taxpayer Access.)

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  1. Hey you guys over at free culture. Why don’t you put your money where your mouth is by posting the following disclaimer on your site? I have it up on mine as of earlier today. If I can convince 5 sites to do likewise, and each of them can convince 5 others, it won’t be long before a huge swath of the internet will be off limits to those countries opposed to free culture.

    “This website is democracy friendly, and will not appear on web searches conducted in China, North Korea and Iran.”



    BTW. Cisco Systems and Microsoft and Yahoo suck.

  2. Tom, I’m confused. Why would we want to damage the citizens of those countries by not letting them read our content?

  3. heehler

    They are not allowed to read your content anyway. It’s a moot point though. The whole idea went over like a lead balloon. It’s too time consuming to convince large numbers of sites to sign up.

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