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Some of you may know that lately have been working on new bylaws, and in particular holding an election for the first Board under those bylaws. Before I announce the winners, I want to thank all the candidates this time around, and I also want to emphasize that presence on the Board does not diminish your ability to contribute to Students for Free Culture. Quite the opposite – local chapters and the Core Team, both of which have comparatively little bureaucracy and low barriers to entry, are were the majority of day-to-day actions of Students for Free Culture lie.

Let me also thank Benjamin Mako Hill for letting us use his Selectricity software. You can read his acknowledgments here.

Our five board members are:

  • Elizabeth Stark
  • Fred Benenson
  • Brendan Ballou
  • Christina Ducruet
  • Kevin Driscoll

Mako explains further:

We used preferential voting, requiring each voter to rank the candidates in order of his preference. We then tallied the votes using the Schulze method, also known as Schwartz Sequential Dropping. The basic idea behind the use of a preferential system is to select the candidates who optimize for the preference within the group — rather than only picking the candidates with the most number one votes who might simply be more polarizing.

Results for the election are available in now in Selectricity as is a more detailed breakdown of the election system we used that shows which candidates were preferred to each other — and by how much. Voters can also check details of the election which includes a list of voters who participated, a published list of votes, and (using a verification token voters received while voting), the ability for voters to verify that their own vote was recorded correctly without compromising anonymity.

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  1. Christine Kelly

    I am a professor writing a new book on student protest and the changing character of American higher ed… I love you group and the insight it all shows… Q: anyone live near Montclair NJ who might be interested in doing an interview? Also, have you done any work on changing character of information exchange, including higher ed, under GATS?

    best wishes, Christine Kelly
    Associate Professor
    William Paterson Univ
    (currently on sabbatical)

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  4. Mako writes on his own site that you use the same system as the Debian project. Isn’t that known broken for multi-winner elections? It’s not proportional. See, for example, and

    Will you use a system designed for proportionately-representative multi-winner elections, such as Schulze STV, in future?

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