Free Culture Gaming – 1st game night Saturday 8pm EDT

Some folks from Free Culture at Virginia Tech came up with and, more impressively, actually started a Free Culture Gaming club! Every week Free Culture Gaming will get together to play free games online with other free culture aficionados. All of the games we play will be 100% free software and free content, as per our standards.

When I asked Conley Owens, Free Culture VT founder, why he thought FC Gaming is important, he responded:

Because it’s FOSS and it’s gaming… what could be cooler?

Because gaming drives computing. It’s the reason why graphics cards are so great and cheap, because of gamers. And if gaming can drive hardware, it can drive software. Right now I have tons of computer scientist friends who only use Windows because they can’t play their favorite games on GNU/Linux. If free games were more prevalent, perhaps they would switch. If you get the software development (and game development) community switching to a free platform, they will in turn help switch the world to freedom.

Play free games, free the world!

Hopefully that is enough motivation to join FC Gaming :)

Free Culture Gaming will be holding its first game night this Saturday August 2nd at 8pm EDT (tomorrow night), and we hope you will join us. For this game night, we will be playing The Battle for Wesnoth, an excellent turn-based strategy game. Sadly the Wesnoth web server is currently down, but I think we should give them support anyway during this trying time for them. You can still download the game from the Wesnoth SourceForge project for Windows, Mac and Linux, and you can still play multiplayer games if you go to Multiplayer->Connect to Server and choose the 2nd (or 3rd) option instead of the official server.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Please use version 1.4.4 of Battle for Wesnoth, or at least another version from the 1.4 series. Older or newer versions will not work well or at all.

Meet us in the Free Culture Gaming IRC channel at #fcgame on to coordinate with us (go here for details), or just join the 2nd alternative Wesnoth server and find us there. Hope to see you then!

UPDATE: The Battle for Wesnoth official website is now, um, sort of up again, so you may be able to download the game from there now as well. We might even be able to play on the normal official server! I guess we’ll find out tonight ^_^

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