Development Collaboration Session @ October Conference!

One of the big issues that’s come up recently on the Free Culture national list is the desire to promote increased outreach and collaboration on international development issues. The Free Culture agenda is far from limited to the developed world issue that have been the subject of our high-profile actions in recent years, and there’s a world of possibilities for FC to create real change. Access to medicines, knowledge, and culture are an important places for activism as Free Culture plans the next step.

The ever-awesome Kevin Donovan proposed that the Free Culture National Conference planned for October should have a session on development and Free Culture, and in the spirit of building action and bringing together collaborators in advance of October 12th — we’re making an open call to chapters worldwide who want to get involved in this new push.

If there’s organizations you think we should get in touch with that might be good collaborators with Free Culture or development/IP related projects that you’d want to kickoff at the October conference, drop Tim Hwang a line at tim AT roflcon DOT org.

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