Conference in one week: Travel funding!


For our upcoming conference in Berkeley, we’ve been blessed with some sponsors who have given us money to fund students to travel from far away to the conference. We still have some of that money left!

So if you are a member of a Students for Free Culture chapter, or are trying to get one off the ground, we would love it if you would come. We would love it so much we can offer to pay (as per our travel funding guidelines) for your flight to Berkeley. It’s been a joy working with the Berkeley team and the other SFC people organizing the conference. It takes place very soon: October 11-12.

So dear all of you students working to promote Free Culture, wherever you are – join us in Berkeley in a week. Get in touch with us by emailing conf08 at

(My thanks go to others on the conf08 team for reaching out to get this funding!)

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  1. Hey SFC,

    My name is Naheed Hirji, and I am a member of WSIC (Waterloo Students for the Information Commons) from the University of Waterloo in Canada. I have been following the work and projects of SFC, and have recently become aware of this conference.

    I feel that the conference would be an amazing learning experience for me, and that I could bring an international perspective to the discussions taking place at the conference. My attending the conference would also allow my organization to network with other organizations who have similar goals.

    I have also learned recently that SFC has proposed to cover the travel of interested students to Berkley for the conference. Is there more information that you could give me on this, as it would definitely be helpful.

    Thank you very much, and I hope to hear from you soon.

    Naheed Hirji

  2. Michael Ayoob

    Hi SFC,

    I had been interested in attending this event for a while, now. I’m a former member of the Chadwick High School chapter and am now a student at USC. Since the chapter here seems to have disintegrated since the graduation of Cameron Parkins, I was thinking of trying to start it up again. I would love to attend this event if there is still travel funding available, but I don’t know how I would go about procuring this funding. Just tell me what I have to do! This would be an awesome experience.


  3. Hey, dudes –

    The above post says:

    “Get in touch with us by emailing conf08 at”

    So, please do that!

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