Live Blogging Free Culture Conference 2008

Can’t make it to the conference, here are a few ways to follow along at home.

Live Blogging:
Tim Hwang blogging @ The US Bureau of Fabulous Bitches
Brian Rowe blogging @ Freedom for IP
Luis G. Lira @ in Spanish

Wraps ups are being published by:
Kevin Driscoll @ todo mundo
Kevin Donovan @ Blurring Borders

Micro Blogging:
Identica search for #fc2008
Brian Rowe, 3L Seattle University Law, Twitter: Sarterus Sarterus
Tim Hwang, Harvard Berkman Center, Twitter: TimHwang
Mike Linksvayer, VP for Creative Commons, mlinksva
shizhao Twitter: shizhao

I‘m twitter @shizhao
(I am sure there are other mircobloggers out there and I will update this list over time)

Post a comment or respond on the list to be added to the blog list.
The tag for the conference is fc2008 the hashtag is #fc2008

Additionally our IRC channel on freenode is #freeculture

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  1. I’ll be Twittering @kevindonovan

  2. Christina Ducruet

    I will be Twittering @twitstina

  3. I‘m twitter @shizhao

  4. I wrote a conference review on the wellknown german blog

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