Nominations Open for 2009 SFC Board Election!

Hello SFC!

Nominations for the 2009 SFC Board Election have officially opened!  Please see the following details about who is eligible to be nominated, how to nominate, and what to do if you are a nominee:

Who is eligible?

In order to be a candidate for the SFC Board, nominees must either be a current member of a SFC chapter or currently serving on the Board, per our Bylaws.

How to nominate someone:

Let the person you are nominating know that you are doing so.  Then, visit the Nominations page to make your nomination official by filling out the nominee’s information using the template provided.

To accept a nomination:

Once your sponsor has added your information to the wiki, you can accept the nomination by updating your bio and statement.  In order for your nomination to be considered accepted, you must write at least “Nomination Accepted” before the close of nominations at Midnight PDT on March 20, 2009.

On campaigning etc.

Nominees will have until April 5th to add to and finalize their bios and statements on the Nominations page.  The statement is an open forum for information relevant to your candidacy and an opportunity to address questions, thoughts or concerns from the SFC community to board nominees.

Nominations close at Midnight PDT on March 20, 2009.

For additional information on the 2009 SFC Board Election, including the updated schedule:

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