Support Students for Free Culture (And Look Sharp In The Process)

As we mentioned in our introductory post, the five of us on the board are excited to help coordinate a great year for Students for Free Culture by working on the Open University Campaign, ensuring user-friendliness, promoting SFC, and planning the next Free Culture Conference. However, all that awesomeness is going to take some funding, so we wanted to remind the blog readers that a great way to support Students for Free Culture is to purchase the really great T-shirts we have available.


For only $20 (+S&H), you get a really high-quality shirt designed by Patrick Moberg and made by American Apparel. Mine (the colorful copyleft one) has been a great conversation starter for people who otherwise would not be at all familiar with the work we do with Students for Free Culture.

So, help promote free culture by purchasing one of the Students for Free Culture shirts!

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