An Update on Our Current Campaign: Surveys and a Name Change

A little over a month ago, we called for widespread participation in our current campaign based on the Wheeler Declaration. In that time, we have made substantial progress to create a series of surveys to gather data on university openness with regard to open educational resources, open access, network management, FOSS, and patent policy.


In the coming weeks, we hope to contact a number of universities to solicit their responses to the surveys that have been created to gather data about university openness. Today, the surveys for open access publishing and open educational resources are largely completed. I encourage you to check out the previous links and add your thoughts, either on the wiki or by emailing board-at-freeculture-dot-org. Even more, feel free to add to the other surveys which need elaboration.

We also need to identify the administrators at each university who should receive the surveys. If you attend a school that you believe should be surveyed, please add administrators names to the wiki or contact board-at-freeculture-dot-org. Recipients should include librarians, learning technologists, academic coordinators (such as provosts) and potentially faculty leadership.


Secondly, after speaking with a number of people, we believe that it would be best to slightly re-brand the campaign. As you know, up until now, this effort has been known as the Open University Campaign. However, the term ‘open university’ has proven to be slightly problematic due to its reference to an older concept of distance-learning. Not only is this a trademarked term, it has proven to be confusing to a number of people – something we definitely don’t want. Obviously, it’s not ideal to change and lose any reputation (and googlejuice) that the name has, but to avoid having this problem even later in the game, we think the name Open Education Campaign would be for the best (especially because it doesn’t limit the work strictly to universities). Anyone with thoughts (or interest in doing design for this brand), should definitely get in touch.

We’re excited about this project and hope you’ll join us.

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