Raise those Funds, Volunteer that Help, and Suggest those Workshops!

Free Culture X is coming up very quickly and we’re working hard to finalize the preparations for the event held at George Washington University in Washington, D.C. on February 13-14th. As you know, on the first day, Jonathan Zittrain will be giving the keynote address and there will be panels on open educational resources, open access and access to knowledge, campus technology policy, and university patent policy.

In the meantime, students interested in attending should investigate travel funding from their universities. The SFC Board is working hard to secure donations, but we need your help. Most schools provide money to registered student groups and many departments have discretionary funds to support educational opportunities for students. Look around and apply early because these things can take time; and don’t hesitate to contact the Board if we can provide any documentation to help!

Secondly, to make this a success, we’ll need volunteers to help with both pre-conference and during the event. We have set-up a mailing list to coordinate planning and encourage you to sign up for it here.

Finally, we would like to hear ideas for the second day’s workshops. If you have ideas, send them out to the FC X mailing list or add them to the call for workshop proposals and we’ll collect them.

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