New Free Culture T-Shirts! Unknown pleasures//Unknown Freedom!


Check out the new Free Culture T-Shirts designed by Kirby Bukowski:


FC T White

CC-BY-SA 3.0

FC T Magenta

CC-BY-SA 3.0


We’re ordering a small batch of t-shirts for the Free Culture X 2013 conference at New York Law School on April 20th! We’ll be selling them for $20 a pop, and all volunteers get one for free.


FC T example

CC-BY-SA 3.0

The design is an adaptation of the album cover of Joy Division’s Unknown Pleasures. The image was adapted by Disney when they released a T-shirt in 2012. Disney pulled the T-shirt from the market for fear of copyright infringement. Kirby did a bit of research into the Unknown Pleasures album art, and decided that it image of pulsars is likely to be in the public domain. Adam Capriola of SixPrizes did a pretty great job tracking the history of the pulsar art work.

We received some legitimate criticism about the company our previous round of t-shirts came from (American Apparel)  being guilty of bad labor practices including union-busting, repeated sexual offenses on behalf of the CEO, and exploitative hiring/firing practices. For this reason, we made sure these are union-made in the USA and made from organic cotton. All future clothing will be sourced exclusively from worker-owned cooperatives!

The designs are licensed CC-BY-SA and the SVG source files are available here to modify in inkscape.

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