The free culture movement is about lifting barriers to the full range of human potential and empowering those lacking representation and power through media and technology.

Why does software matter?

Our experience of the world, one another, and ourselves is increasingly mediated by digital technologies. Digital technology also facilitates the exchange of immeasurable resources, from information to labor, goods, and capital. Everything that powers our society—our media, medical devices, communication, and so much more—depends on digital devices, and all digital devices are controlled by the software running on them. The digital divide is about much more than mere access to consume digital media. Given its immense influence, the question of who controls digital technology is critical to examining who has power in society.

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Why does media matter?

Our values, expectations, practices, politics, ideology, and culture develop around the media we are exposed to. Like technology, the question of who controls the production and distribution of media is critical to examining who has power and representation in society. Every creative expression and political opinion emerges from a global mediascape.

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