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Recent Projects

Free Culture 2013 Conference

Open University

FCF’s 2013 Conference was held at New York Law School on April 20th and 21st.

Open University Campaign

Open UniversityPush for open access, free culture, and free software with the Open University campaign!

Past Projects

  • Antenna Alliance

    Antenna Alliance is a no-profit record label/recording collective started as a partner project to In essence, Antenna Alliance gives bands free recording space, releases this music under free culture licenses, and distributes it to college radio stations. It currently is based in Cambridge, Mass. and is expanding to other cities across the U.S. Antenna Alliance is also partnering internationally in places such as Jamaica and Croatia.

  • National Open Access Day of Action

    On February 15, 2007, and SPARC declared a national day of action to rally support for the Federal Research Public Access Act and raise awareness of the need for taxpayer access to publicly funded research. chapters around the country held a variety of events on open access, including panels of speakers, putting price tags on closed-access journals in the library, and tabling around campus. also became a lead sponsor of the Petition for Public Access to Publicly Funded Research.

  • Down with DRM Video Contest organized a contest to create and post short anti-DRM viral videos for the October 3, 2007 Day Against DRM (Digital Rights Management). The makers of the winning videos each received a Neuros OSD.

  • Pledge to Boycott DRM initiated a pledge to boycott CDs with DRM. The pledge was a huge success; 4,500 people signed up, obliterating the original 500-person goal.

  • RIAA-Free Gift Guide

    For the 2005 holiday season, created a guide to buyingRIAA-free CDs. With help from, members contributed lists of their favorite non-RIAA CDs that would be reasonably easy to find in regular record stores.

  • Cereal Solidarity

    After Cereality sent legal threats to Bowls, a Gainesville, Fla. cereal bar, for infringing its pending patents on “displaying and mixing competitively branded food products” and adding “a third portion of liquid,” started the Cereal Solidarity campaign to get Cereality to back down, have the U.S. Patent Office reject Cereality’s patent applications, and eliminate business method patents overall. The campaign attracted a lot of press, including articles in the Salt Lake TribuneDaily Telegraph (UK), and Time magazine. Even more exciting, the patent examiner for Cereality’s patent application heard about the campaign and asked Cereality to respond to our criticisms!

  • Free Culture Tour

    In the spring of 2005, multimedia artist Colin Mutchler put together a presentation/performance about the tensions and opportunities of sharing and remixing media inspired by Lawrence Lessig’s book Free Culture. assisted with Mutchler’s cross-country Free Culture tour by organizing stops at its chapters.

  • Orphan Works Comment Submission

    A campaign encouraging people to write in comments to the copyright office, in favor of proposals that would allow people to build upon “orphan works”, creative work that has been “abandoned” by the author and where no copyright holder can be found who could grant permission to use the work. [snapshot of old website]

  • Blogshine Sunday

    A project supporting access to government information for citizen journalists, by encouraging bloggers to post stories about how access to government information is important to them.

  • Undead Art

    video remix contest to celebrate the free culture. We asked people to mash up the classic zombie movie, Night of the Living Dead, which is in the public domain, with the student-produced existentialist zombie movie, Amid the Dead, and gave prizes to the best mashups.

  • National Barbie in a Blender Day

    An art contest celebrating an artist’s successful defense against Mattel’s trademark and copyright infringement suits, caused by his series of pictures called “Food Chain Barbie”.

  • Save the iPod / Save the []

    Our campaign to get people to write to their Congressperson in opposition to the INDUCE act, archived here: [save the ipod] We also had a similar albeit less catchy companion project called Save the [] that emphasized how the INDUCE act threatened many common technologies, not just the iPod.