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22:00:31 <mllerustad>	'Allo, all.
22:00:34 <skyfaller_ppc>	whee meeting
22:00:39 *	naufragio waves
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22:01:10 <mllerustad>	pyrak, care to take minutes?
22:01:10 <mllerustad>
22:01:24 <pyrak>	mllerustad, bien sr
22:01:34 <pyrak>	e
22:01:36 <pyrak>	i think
22:01:45 <mllerustad>	Heh.
22:01:56 <mllerustad>	Alright, people who are paying attention, ?def yourselves!
22:01:59 <mllerustad>	?def
22:02:00 <jibot>	Braindump available at:
22:02:03 <mllerustad>	?def mllerustad
22:02:03 <jibot>	mllerustad is a music nerd and Karen Rustad and a student at Scripps College in Claremont, CA and founder of Free Culture 5C
22:02:11 <pyrak>	?def pyrak
22:02:11 <jibot>	pyrak is parker phinney & & head of chadwick free culture & a highschool senior & a webteam member
22:02:17 <naufragio>	?def naufragio 
22:02:17 <jibot>	naufragio is Gavin Baker and and an alumnus of
22:02:25 <skyfaller_ppc>	?def
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22:02:29 <oo7akbnd>	?def oo7akbnd
22:02:29 <jibot>	oo7akbnd is Adi Kamdar and a member of Chadwick Free Culture
22:02:35 <skyfaller_ppc>	?def skyfaller
22:02:35 <jibot>	skyfaller is Nelson Pavlosky & has a blog at & was an intern at the EFF & was a victorious plaintiff in the Diebold case & claims to be a descendent of the Earl of Fruit & a 1L at George Mason Law & co-founder of Students for Free Culture
22:02:56 *	naufragio chuckles
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22:03:15 <mllerustad>	Anyone else?
22:03:54 <skyfaller_ppc>	that might be it this time, we didn't announce this meeting properly :P
22:04:05 <mllerustad>	d'oh
22:04:11 <skyfaller_ppc>	this is another potential downside to the attendance requirement
22:04:21 <pyrak>	coleo might come back.  he's another chadwickian
22:04:25 <mllerustad>	skyfaller_ppc: well, it only hurts if you miss two.
22:04:27 <mllerustad>	One is fine.
22:04:37 <skyfaller_ppc>	if you don't adequately inform / remind people of meetings, is it fair to count it against them if they miss?
22:05:11 <mllerustad>	we'll just have to do a better job next time, then!
22:05:37 <pyrak>	hopefully we can get to a point where you can count on volunteer meetings always occuring monday nights
22:05:47 <pyrak>	s/volunteer/core and volunteer
22:06:08 <naufragio>	and/or you set up some calendar system that sends automagic reminders.
22:06:14 <mllerustad>	Yeah.
22:06:30 <pyrak>	ie: a post to the mailing list that we will soon create!
22:06:30 <mllerustad>	Alright, the first thing on the agenda ( is a SFC alumni organization. Care to talk about that, Gavin?
22:06:48 <mllerustad>	* naufragio ?
22:07:05 *	naufragio waves
22:07:20 <naufragio>	(sorry, i was in the middle of pwning my web server. fun times!)
22:07:39 <naufragio>	so. i'm an alumnus
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22:07:54 <naufragio>	and i want to start a group for SFC alumni
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22:08:14 <naufragio>	i'm not exactly sure what said group will do; it'll be up to the people who join
22:08:30 <naufragio>	but i want to set things up and start recruiting, so we can get the ball rolling
22:09:04 <naufragio>	so, i'm here a.) to let people know about it
22:09:04 <mllerustad>	naufragio: question--would it only be for people who were part of SFC chapters, or could interested non-alums join as well?
22:09:35 <mllerustad>	ie non-students who never were part of a chapter, like say paulproteus
22:09:48 <naufragio>	the purpose would be for alumni of SFC chapters. there might also be an "affiliate" option or something like that
22:09:59 <skyfaller_ppc>	(erm, we need to add discussing meeting times to the agenda, I'll throw it in at the end)
22:10:51 <naufragio>	i'm also here to b.) ask for permission to use SFC web resources for the alumni group
22:11:00 <naufragio>	for starters, i'd like to set up a site at alumni.fc.o
22:11:22 <naufragio>	probably also a mailing list(s)
22:11:39 <naufragio>	there is a c.), but i guess i'll stop here for now
22:11:54 <mllerustad>	Alright.
22:12:08 <mllerustad>	What do people think about that?
22:12:25 <skyfaller_ppc>	re: paulproteus , we could always create "honorary alumni" ;-)
22:12:35 <naufragio>	(p.s. anybody who wants to help me with my personal WordPress follies, pm me)
22:12:40 <skyfaller_ppc>	just like colleges give out diplomas to people who never went there
22:12:59 <mllerustad>	Heh.
22:13:16 <skyfaller_ppc>	I think an alumni group is a great idea
22:13:23 <mllerustad>	I suppose that org would have to develop its own bylaws/rules/etc to figure that out, but yeah.
22:13:29 <naufragio>	skyfaller_ppc, you'll be eligible to join!
22:13:46 <naufragio>	so can i use your web stuffs?
22:13:47 <skyfaller_ppc>	and an essential part of making sure that SFC remains focused on students by giving graduates something to do
22:13:48 <mllerustad>	Me too, next year.
22:14:06 <mllerustad>	Yeah, I think it's a good idea too.
22:14:31 *	naufragio will wait for the Team to "vote" or whatever
22:14:57 <mllerustad>	I guess most of what you need is webstuff, so you'll probably need to talk to the webteam to get it on their agenda/radar (pyrak, you're running that now, aren't you?)
22:15:09 <mllerustad>	But yeah. Let's vote on it!
22:15:12 <mllerustad>	++
22:15:45 <pyrak>	i guess the only thing to consider is how it will relate to the general group.
22:16:09 <oo7akbnd>	quick question.. I idled last meeting (I was paying attention, but only partially contributing), and I'm here this meeting... does that count as 2 in a row?
22:16:24 <skyfaller_ppc>	oo7akbnd: I dunno, we should probably vote on that!  put it on the agenda
22:16:25 <mllerustad>	oo7akbnd: sure!
22:16:33 <mllerustad>	Heh, okay, I'll add it. :)
22:16:45 <pyrak>	all questions should be submitted as agenda items
22:17:05 <pyrak>	:P
22:17:09 <skyfaller_ppc>	pyrak: I think it's clear that it would be a separate group bureaucratically
22:17:51 <skyfaller_ppc>	i.e. its members can't vote in SFC or vice-versa
22:18:00 <naufragio>	yeah, it would be an independent group. i'm just bumming your web site for convenience, and for the google juice
22:18:52 <skyfaller_ppc>	naufragio: do you have any precedents for alumni orgs we could look at?
22:19:00 <pyrak>	hm.  well the distinction may not be immediately obvious to the public.  ex: if the alumni are advocating illegal piracy, the general group could lose credibility.
22:19:10 <pyrak>	(note: i'm playing devil's advocate)
22:20:08 <naufragio>	guys. i'm asking to use your web site. if you have some problem with it, say no. if you're worried there might some day be some problem with it, say yes now, with the option to kick us out later.
22:20:29 <skyfaller_ppc>	lol
22:20:40 <mllerustad>	Yeah, I guess it's always under our/the Board's authority to stop our support.
22:21:02 <skyfaller_ppc>	well, I see no reason why we shouldn't give permission for Gavin to use our webspace to drum up support / interest in the alumni org
22:21:11 <oo7akbnd>	I agree, assuming I have voting power today
22:21:16 <pyrak>	agreed, ++
22:21:17 <skyfaller_ppc>	and nail down the details later
22:21:30 <mllerustad>	sweet!
22:21:53 *	naufragio waits for the smoke to clear
22:22:11 <mllerustad>	Well, that's ++ votes from all the eligible voters...
22:22:11 <skyfaller_ppc>	so I hear two votes in favor, how many people are qualified to vote?
22:22:14 <skyfaller_ppc>	lol
22:22:17 <skyfaller_ppc>	I guess we're done
22:22:17 <mllerustad>	also me, ++
22:22:29 <mllerustad>	naufragio: I guess your next step is to bug paulproteus and pyrak about getting on the webteam's radar.
22:22:43 <skyfaller_ppc>	heh, assuming that this is oo7akbnd's second meeting, does he get to vote this meeting or only next meeting?  I guess this meeting huh?
22:22:55 <mllerustad>	I guess let's skip to that issue?
22:22:57 <skyfaller_ppc>	yeah
22:23:01 <skyfaller_ppc>	otherwise it makes voting weird
22:23:01 <mllerustad>	Well, we had votes during the second meeting...
22:23:03 <naufragio>	so that's c.), is asking for help
22:23:21 <naufragio>	how do i get the web stuff set up?
22:23:50 <skyfaller_ppc>	I guess ask paulproteus 
22:23:54 <skyfaller_ppc>	if you want your own subdomain
22:23:58 <skyfaller_ppc>	I have no idea how to set that up
22:24:13 <mllerustad>	skyfaller_ppc: if you can only vote the third meeting, our votes during the second meeting were invalid.
22:24:17 <skyfaller_ppc>	e-mail him and CC: the webteam
22:24:25 <mllerustad>	I think it's the second meeting that you become a member.
22:24:32 <skyfaller_ppc>	mllerustad: yeah, I guess precedent says you get to vote on your second meeting ;-)
22:25:01 <naufragio>	so i'll contact paulproteus (who, despite _never_ having been in a chapter, is still somehow running the webteam ;)
22:25:03 <skyfaller_ppc>	since our attendance requirements are honestly kind of rough, I think we should interpret the rules as loosely as possible
22:25:16 <mllerustad>	I guess, I don't have much of a problem of people being quiet during meetings, so long as they read what's going on.
22:25:21 <mllerustad>	Yeah, agreed.
22:25:28 <naufragio>	i do want to add, though, that the idea is to start recruiting before people graduate this year
22:25:35 <oo7akbnd>	millerustad: I'm reading, don't worry :)
22:25:43 <mllerustad>	Cool beans. :)
22:25:55 <naufragio>	so, when there's something to show, i'll send it to the chapters to pass around
22:26:00 <skyfaller_ppc>	I think we should require them to say at least *one" thing during a meeting to show that they are really present
22:26:11 <mllerustad>	Well, attendance is that, is it not?
22:26:23 <naufragio>	skyfaller_ppc, since you're the de facto contact-keeper, i'll also be bugging you to get the word to people who've graduate prior to this point
22:26:33 <skyfaller_ppc>	yeah, he said something when we were taking attendance I guess?
22:26:38 <mllerustad>	Yeah, he did.
22:26:44 <skyfaller_ppc>	so yeah, I think that counts
22:26:59 <skyfaller_ppc>	but it wouldn't count if he was just idle the whole time and never gave any indication he was ever at the keyboard
22:27:20 <mllerustad>	You have to speak up for attendance for us to know you're attending.. :)
22:27:29 <skyfaller_ppc>	right
22:27:40 <skyfaller_ppc>	OK, so this is oo7akbnd's second meeting and he can vote
22:27:41 <oo7akbnd>	should something be added to the bylaws to define attendance? Is it already defined?
22:27:51 <skyfaller_ppc>	we should probably draw up Core Team rules
22:27:55 <skyfaller_ppc>	to supplement the Bylaws
22:27:59 <naufragio>	(fyi, the way other groups deal with this is to have a limit for missed votes to be 'present')
22:28:00 *	pyrak writes a cron job that sends random ?defs into the channel, secures his seat on the core
22:28:10 <naufragio>	(e.g. if you miss 2 votes during the meeting, you're 'absent')
22:28:16 <skyfaller_ppc>	naufragio: O RLY?  that's a good system
22:28:27 <pyrak>	my internet is being silly, i hope i'm not missing messages
22:28:28 <mllerustad>	but it doesn't work if you can't vote during your initial meetings...
22:28:54 <skyfaller_ppc>	so we could just not require votes for your first meeting, but require votes for every meeting after that?
22:29:14 <mllerustad>	sure!
22:29:25 <skyfaller_ppc>	OK, so first meeting you just have to check in for attendance
22:29:33 <mllerustad>	I dunno how many meetings will have more than two votes, but yeah.
22:29:36 <naufragio>	oh, one other thing about the alumni group
22:29:55 <naufragio>	(you guys are *really* doing bad at staying on topic, btw ;)
22:30:09 <mllerustad>	naufragio: the attendance question *is* the topic...
22:30:20 <oo7akbnd>	should we really require votes? I think someone can contribute, but not be required/inclined to vote; equally, someone can not contribute, but still have opinion enough to vote.
22:30:25 <skyfaller_ppc>	naufragio: I think we were skipping to the voting issue b/c we thought you were done with the alumni group
22:30:31 <skyfaller_ppc>	oo7akbnd: you can abstain
22:30:36 <skyfaller_ppc>	oo7akbnd: but that's different from being silent
22:30:37 <mllerustad>	oo7akbnd: if they don't have an opinion, they can abstain
22:30:38 <naufragio>	mllerustad: i remember someone saying the topic should be added to the end of the agenda
22:30:38 <oo7akbnd>	skyfaller_ppc: good point
22:30:58 <mllerustad>	naufragio: skyfaller brought it forward...
22:31:08 <oo7akbnd>	regardless, I think we can move on...
22:31:08 <naufragio>	and, assuming that a topic is 'done' is probably not a good idea -- better to say, you know, 'moving on'
22:31:14 <skyfaller_ppc>	naufragio: yeah, it just got confusing b/c we wanted to know whether oo7akbnd could vote or not on the other agenda points
22:31:29 <skyfaller_ppc>	naufragio: also a good point :) 
22:31:39 <naufragio>	right, well
22:31:41 <mllerustad>	naufragio: I said we were skipping to that issue, after we voted
22:31:43 <skyfaller_ppc>	naufragio: so what's the other thing about the alumni group, returning to that topic briefly?
22:31:59 <naufragio>	eventually we'll want to have a contact database
22:32:07 <naufragio>	for members' addresses, etc.
22:32:38 <skyfaller_ppc>	naufragio: hm, I guess they can use the SFC wiki for that?
22:32:39 <naufragio>	we could set up our own one, but it seems to me that's something that SFC could use, too
22:32:58 <skyfaller_ppc>	we're going to let volunteers etc. sign up on the SFC wiki, you don't have to be a student for that
22:33:23 <skyfaller_ppc>	and I see no reason to delete alumni from the wiki when they gradmutate
22:33:25 <naufragio>	i haven't yet wrapped my head around this 'storing contacts on the wiki with some of the stuff somehow being private' thing
22:33:47 <skyfaller_ppc>	naufragio: yeah, it's a little confusing, but I think it is better than the alternatives we had
22:34:01 <m3cr3d1s>	yo
22:34:03 <m3cr3d1s>	just got here
22:34:07 <skyfaller_ppc>	m3cr3d1s: howdy
22:34:33 <mllerustad>	naufragio: I think the details of the contact database can get hammered out later... can we move along?
22:34:36 <naufragio>	but my point is, seems like SFC could benefit from having a contact database of its own, e.g. for volunteers, team members, etc.
22:35:00 <skyfaller_ppc>	naufragio: yeah, I think the "chapters" database is also going to expand to cover that
22:35:10 <naufragio>	and, from my point of view, it would be ideal if there were actually a database with the members of each chapter
22:35:16 <skyfaller_ppc>	naufragio: it's definitely designed with that in mind
22:35:25 <naufragio>	that would make it easy for us to contact people when they graduate
22:35:30 <skyfaller_ppc>	naufragio: oh, the members of each chapter?  that's an interesting point
22:35:45 <naufragio>	so, that's not an action item, but just putting the idea out there
22:35:56 <mllerustad>	naufragio: chapter members would be hard... I mean, it'd be all voluntary, since structurally the org has nothing to do with them
22:35:57 <mllerustad>	But we'll see.
22:36:06 <mllerustad>	Shall we move along?
22:36:12 <skyfaller_ppc>	naufragio: I think we've been resistant to trying to maintain complete member lists of each chapter b/c of bureaucratic overhead
22:36:26 <naufragio>	mllerustad, just to suggest, one reason why SFC might want to know chapter members is to know who's eligible for the core team
22:36:46 <naufragio>	it's not my decision, but just sayin'.
22:36:50 <skyfaller_ppc>	naufragio: but you're right that it could be difficult to properly organize an alumni group without member lists... and wow, the Core Team, that's a good point
22:37:08 <mllerustad>	seems like a solution without a problem to me...
22:37:16 <naufragio>	if there are any questions...; otherwise, i'll go back to lurking
22:37:25 <mllerustad>	I mean, if it were in question that a Core Team member were part of a chapter, we could always ask the liaison
22:37:37 <mllerustad>	naufragio: no, no, we need you for the SPARC item next!
22:38:08 <skyfaller_ppc>	mllerustad: but that's just a diff kind of bureaucratic overhead
22:38:25 <skyfaller_ppc>	mllerustad: instead of consulting a list, you keep bugging the liaison on a person-by-person basis
22:38:35 <skyfaller_ppc>	it's an empirical question which is worse / more annoying
22:38:41 <mllerustad>	skyfaller_ppc: how often do you anticipate this happening?
22:38:47 <skyfaller_ppc>	it depends on how frequently you consult the list
22:38:56 <mllerustad>	versus *always* needing to bug the liaison whenever they get new members
22:39:07 <skyfaller_ppc>	hm
22:39:17 <naufragio>	mllerustad, it could become part of the workflow
22:39:28 <naufragio>	e.g. when someone joins a chapter, they add themselves to the national database
22:39:43 <mllerustad>	that's a helluva lot of overhead...
22:39:57 <m3cr3d1s>	FWIW its worth what more info do they need to give?
22:39:58 <mllerustad>	Like, I really don't think it's realistic.
22:40:03 <m3cr3d1s>	I mean its nice an all to have a orwellian database
22:40:07 <m3cr3d1s>	but isn't e-mail good enough?
22:40:25 <skyfaller_ppc>	well, we don't even have all their e-mails, currently
22:40:27 <naufragio>	i find it odd to have a national organization that doesn't have a database of its own national membership, fwiw
22:40:30 <pyrak>	should i add m3cr3d1s to attendance?
22:40:33 <skyfaller_ppc>	presumably the local chapter has a complete e-mail list
22:40:35 <skyfaller_ppc>	pyrak: sure
22:40:36 <mllerustad>	naufragio: because the membership is the chapters, not the students
22:40:44 <mllerustad>	pyrak: go for it
22:40:57 <pyrak>	as an eligable voter?
22:40:59 <skyfaller_ppc>	but we haven't been having the chapters give their local mailing list to the global org even
22:41:04 <m3cr3d1s>	I'd like to raise some things the board discussed this weekend
22:41:04 <naufragio>	mllerustad, you raise an interesting point, but still
22:41:09 <m3cr3d1s>	when you guys get a chance
22:41:12 <naufragio>	anyway, ping me if you need me
22:41:20 <mllerustad>	pyrak: yeah, he was there last meeting
22:41:29 <pyrak>	?def m3cr3d1s 
22:41:29 <jibot>	Nobody has defined m3cr3d1s yet
22:41:39 <pyrak>	...
22:41:40 *	m3cr3d1s is mecredis
22:41:42 <skyfaller_ppc>	?def mecredis
22:41:42 <jibot>	mecredis is Fred Benenson. He founded Free Culture @ NYU & graduated in May of 2005. He currently lives in New York City & works as a freelance web developer & a FreeCulture activist. He may or may not be a board member of but has worked for Creative Commons & volunteered for the EFF.
22:41:54 <pyrak>	ah
22:42:07 <pyrak>	hey, m3cr3d1s i got into gallatin at NYU today
22:42:12 <m3cr3d1s>	pyrak: congrats
22:42:13 *	pyrak goes OT briefly
22:42:14 <m3cr3d1s>	good to hear
22:42:49 <mllerustad>	Anyway, we've got like 20 minutes left.
22:42:54 <skyfaller_ppc>	yeah, I think we should avoid trying to track all members of local chapters, we should only check people who are interested in being involved with the nat'l group
22:43:15 <skyfaller_ppc>	and I guess the alumni org will have to come up with some other method for determining membership
22:43:23 <mllerustad>	skyfaller_ppc: this really isn't an actionable thing at this point, I really think we should move on.
22:43:35 <skyfaller_ppc>	probably simply determining whether there was a chapter at your school when you were attending your school is sufficient
22:43:35 <pyrak>	yeah, it raises the mental barrier for entry.  feels so permanent.
22:43:36 <parkerhiggins>	pyrak, congrats!
22:43:48 <pyrak>	parkerhiggins, thx :)
22:43:50 <skyfaller_ppc>	but yeah, let's move on
22:44:03 <mllerustad>	Okay, next time.
22:44:06 <mllerustad>	erm, item
22:44:09 <skyfaller_ppc>	lol
22:44:09 *	pyrak thinks he is caught up, note-wise
22:44:12 <m3cr3d1s>	pyrak: incidentally, Free Culture @ NYU's Parker is in gallatin
22:44:25 <mllerustad>	SFC/SPARC collaboration!
22:44:39 <mllerustad>	So, naufragio wants someone at SFC to be responsible for SPARC collaboration.
22:44:51 <mllerustad>	Who should do that? Should it be someone from the board or the core team?
22:45:04 <naufragio>	mllerustad: i don't care, i just need to know who to call when i need to bug somebody
22:45:05 <mllerustad>	m3cr3d1s: has the board discussed this at all?
22:45:38 <mllerustad>	skyfaller_ppc: when do you start working at SPARC? ;)
22:45:42 <pyrak>	m3cr3d1s, quelle coincidence!
22:45:50 <skyfaller_ppc>	mllerustad: May I guess
22:46:00 <skyfaller_ppc>	I haven't nailed down my start date precisely
22:46:30 <skyfaller_ppc>	I'm willing to serve as the SPARC liaison while I work there :P
22:46:37 <skyfaller_ppc>	but not before or after
22:46:53 <naufragio>	skyfaller_ppc, always willing to take one for the team ;)
22:47:11 <mllerustad>	Okay, so we'll need someone else.
22:47:28 <m3cr3d1s>	mllerustad: the basic idea is to ask these organizations
22:47:30 <skyfaller_ppc>	at least if you care about someone attending meetings before this summer, yeah
22:47:32 <m3cr3d1s>	if they have a campaign we can help with
22:47:40 <m3cr3d1s>	rather than designate a permenant coordinator
22:48:20 <skyfaller_ppc>	well, at least a temporary contact would seem to be a useful thing to have
22:48:32 <skyfaller_ppc>	but it could add bureaucracy unnecessarily
22:48:34 <naufragio>	m3cr3d1s, we want to have a single point of contact when we need to communicate something
22:48:45 <m3cr3d1s>	naufragio: right, the board hasn't considered that, then.
22:48:49 <naufragio>	most organizations operate on the same principle, in my experience
22:48:51 <m3cr3d1s>	to answer the question.
22:48:54 <skyfaller_ppc>	naufragio: is the shared freedom@fc.o inbox insufficient?
22:49:03 <naufragio>	skyfaller_ppc, no, it needs to be a human.
22:49:06 <m3cr3d1s>	its not really on our radar right now
22:49:12 <m3cr3d1s>	sorry
22:49:31 <skyfaller_ppc>	m3cr3d1s: I think it makes sense to give single points of contact to orgs that want one
22:49:32 <m3cr3d1s>	but this doesn't mean we won't have some one step up int he future
22:49:46 <skyfaller_ppc>	m3cr3d1s: this is similar to the issue of organizing speaking tours
22:50:10 <skyfaller_ppc>	m3cr3d1s: you don't want to force a speaker to deal separately with 20 schools, at least if you honestly want them to visit 20 schools
22:50:21 <skyfaller_ppc>	but yeah
22:50:25 <naufragio>	like i said, i don't care whether it's from the board or core or what, i just want to know who to contact
22:50:28 <m3cr3d1s>	skyfaller_ppc: we weren't considering that yet
22:50:37 <m3cr3d1s>	naufragio: OK cool, understood
22:50:38 <naufragio>	and we are in the midst of working on stuff, so i do need to be in contact with someone
22:50:44 <skyfaller_ppc>	m3cr3d1s: yeah, it's just something that came up in the past and almost certainly will arise again in the future
22:51:21 <skyfaller_ppc>	so, anyone who's not me want to be the SPARC contact at least until this summer?
22:51:37 <mllerustad>	well, we can ask around people during Volunteers time...
22:51:42 <mllerustad>	right now, I suspect we're out of people.
22:52:04 <mllerustad>	best shot in my opinion would be one of the Board members, but that's up to them to decide.
22:52:06 <skyfaller_ppc>	yeah, sorry naufragio, no volunteers right now
22:52:13 <skyfaller_ppc>	let's move on
22:52:31 <skyfaller_ppc>	I'll work on the SPARC stuff this summer but I can't commit to that now
22:52:51 <m3cr3d1s>	ok great
22:52:57 <m3cr3d1s>	can we talk about the Dump Site?
22:53:07 <m3cr3d1s>	has the Core team contacted any chapters about uploading media to it?
22:53:12 <mllerustad>	We've only got seven minutes, but okay.
22:53:19 <skyfaller_ppc>	it is on the agenda ;-)
22:53:34 <m3cr3d1s>	Anyone?
22:53:39 <mllerustad>	FC5C uploaded all our crap. :)
22:53:47 <skyfaller_ppc>	pyrak: didn't you upload?
22:53:53 <m3cr3d1s>	mllerustad: thanks.
22:54:08 <mllerustad>	I still need to poke USC
22:54:09 <oo7akbnd>	skyfaller_ppc: I'm not sure if pyrak is still with us. I'm gonna try calling him.
22:54:13 <skyfaller_ppc>	I have to apologize, I didn't have time to contact anyone yet b/c I was working on a paper this weekend
22:54:28 <naufragio>	sorry, so who am i supposed to contact? you understand we're working on stuff?
22:54:31 <skyfaller_ppc>	but I'm on break now so I can talk to chapters this week
22:54:48 <m3cr3d1s>	naufragio: understand what?
22:55:11 <skyfaller_ppc>	naufragio: can you double as being the SFC contact for now? :P  We just don't have enough manpower to give SPARC a contact right now it seems
22:55:14 <naufragio>	that SPARC is working on projects with its student partners?
22:55:33 <naufragio>	skyfaller_ppc: i'm not part of SFC. i can't speak for SFC and i shouldn't be responsible for carrying messages back to SFC
22:55:48 <mllerustad>	naufragio: It doesn't look like we can do better than joint lists right now. If the Board specifies someone next time they meet, then there'll be a specific contact.
22:55:57 <skyfaller_ppc>	naufragio: technically I'm an alumnus too :P
22:56:08 <m3cr3d1s>	OK back to dump site
22:56:21 <m3cr3d1s>	mllerustad:you were planning on getting in touch with USC
22:56:22 <naufragio>	well, you'll *all* get emailed, then
22:56:34 <m3cr3d1s>	skyfaller_ppc: who are you planning to talk to?
22:56:41 <skyfaller_ppc>	naufragio: make sure to include freedom@fc.o
22:57:01 <skyfaller_ppc>	m3cr3d1s: I volunteered to contact Swat and VT last time
22:57:09 <m3cr3d1s>	OK.
22:57:57 <m3cr3d1s>	Should we expect you to get in touch with them soon?
22:58:02 <m3cr3d1s>	remember, the idea is not so much contact
22:58:07 <m3cr3d1s>	but action -- uploading work to the dump
22:58:24 <skyfaller_ppc>	naufragio: oh what the hell, if it'll make you happy I can be SPARC contact now too, just don't schedule meetings during my classes again
22:58:26 <mllerustad>	Yeah, should happen in the coming week.
22:58:54 <skyfaller_ppc>	m3cr3d1s: yeah, I'll get stuff uploaded by next Monday
22:59:04 <m3cr3d1s>	skyfaller_ppc: OK thanks
22:59:14 <naufragio>	skyfaller_ppc, we'll try not to, now that we know who to expect
22:59:27 <m3cr3d1s>	oo7akbnd: or mllerustad any other chapters you guys can volunteer for?
22:59:34 <m3cr3d1s>	we'd like to get as many as we can
22:59:54 <skyfaller_ppc>	at least from Swat, I'll be there in person so I can physically force them to upload things ;-)
23:00:02 <m3cr3d1s>	ok.
23:00:25 <m3cr3d1s>	so what I'm hearing is that the core team can basically only get 5-6 chapters to upload their media?
23:00:31 <mllerustad>	Alright, it's 8/11!
23:00:44 <m3cr3d1s>	mllerustad: my watch says we have 2 minutes left
23:01:05 <skyfaller_ppc>	m3cr3d1s: I can try to contact more but I'm only promising stuff from Swat and VT
23:01:20 *	pyrak_ ( has joined #freeculture
23:01:26 <m3cr3d1s>	skyfaller_ppc: OK, is the core team ready to sign off and say "done" at that point?
23:01:29 <skyfaller_ppc>	there aren't that many core team members yet sadly
23:01:36 <m3cr3d1s>	skyfaller_ppc: understandable
23:01:44 <mllerustad>	m3cr3d1s: the atomic clock disagrees! ;)
23:01:44 <skyfaller_ppc>	and oo7akbnd is being very quiet ;-)
23:01:44 <m3cr3d1s>	the board was hoping that this could be a do-able project for the core team
23:02:00 *	pyrak has quit (Nick collision from services.)
23:02:03 <skyfaller_ppc>	it's also our bad for not publicizing/promoting the core team better
23:02:06 *	pyrak_ is now known as pyrak
23:02:09 <m3cr3d1s>	right.
23:02:15 <m3cr3d1s>	so the board may just have to take over from here
23:02:19 <mllerustad>	m3cr3d1s: I think it is... even now I think there's getting to be a nice pile of material.
23:02:20 <skyfaller_ppc>	but if the Board is phone-banking to chapters, hopefully you could help remind them of the Core Team's existence?
23:02:28 <mllerustad>	And it's only gonna grow.
23:02:30 *	mindspillage has quit (
23:02:35 <m3cr3d1s>	mllerustad: indeed.
23:02:59 <m3cr3d1s>	basically we wanted this project to have a relatively solid deadline
23:03:02 *	mindspillage (n=kat@wikimedia/KatWalsh/x-0001) has joined #freeculture
23:03:05 <oo7akbnd>	sorry, i was bugging mom to get off the phone... I can contact people, I guess: I just need to know who, what I'm telling them, etc.
23:03:08 <m3cr3d1s>	as in there is a finite amount of media in the world
23:03:12 <skyfaller_ppc>	yay another volunteer
23:03:16 <m3cr3d1s>	generated by these chapters
23:03:21 <m3cr3d1s>	and we'd like to get that centralized.
23:03:23 <skyfaller_ppc>	oo7akbnd: choose two chapters and contact them
23:03:30 <m3cr3d1s>	if the core team can only deliver on 5-6 chapters
23:03:39 <m3cr3d1s>	then the board will just have to do the rest
23:03:47 <mllerustad>	m3cr3d1s: feel free.
23:03:57 <mllerustad>	I mean, you guys can attend Core meetings, you guys can do whatever you want.
23:04:02 <mllerustad>	We certainly can use the help.
23:04:04 <m3cr3d1s>	mllerustad: here I am
23:04:18 <skyfaller_ppc>	Nelson = Swarthmore and VT, Karen = Claremont & USC, Parker = Chadwick & Reed?, Grahl = UF 
23:04:27 <skyfaller_ppc>	oo7akbnd: anything except those 5 chapters
23:04:28 <parkerhiggins>	you have to say Parker P.
23:04:38 <pyrak>	ok, i had a LAN emergency (i accidentally stole my brother's IP).  can someone post the log on the wiki?
23:04:43 <pyrak>	and perhaps complete notes?
23:04:48 <pyrak>	:P
23:04:48 <skyfaller_ppc>	pyrak: sure I'll post a log
23:05:00 <skyfaller_ppc>	pyrak: I'm not doing minutes again, sorry
23:05:11 <m3cr3d1s>	OK well we just wanted to go over the dump issue
23:05:23 <m3cr3d1s>	skyfaller_ppc: if that's your list of chapters you're tackling with this
23:05:31 <m3cr3d1s>	the board will try to get the rest.
23:05:35 *	montagg has quit ()
23:05:59 <mllerustad>	It's not like we're competing..
23:06:20 <m3cr3d1s>	mllerustad: but we do want to get the job done and not step on each other's toes
23:06:20 <mllerustad>	Anything the board has time to contribute to is more than welcome.
23:07:13 <skyfaller_ppc>	m3cr3d1s: that's our list, oo7akbnd is going to grab 2 more in a sec
23:07:17 <m3cr3d1s>	skyfaller_ppc: thanks.
23:07:38 <m3cr3d1s>	so last thin
23:07:41 <m3cr3d1s>	thing about the dump
23:07:46 <m3cr3d1s>	1) I'm creating a wikipage, link soon
23:07:47 <skyfaller_ppc>	yeah, mllerustad I think m3cr3d1s is just trying to avoid duplicating effort
23:07:49 <pyrak>	yeah, i still need to get chadwick's up there.  the ftp server keeps crashing my GUI, oddly...
23:07:59 <m3cr3d1s>	2) the only chapters who ahve uploaded are FC @ NYU and FC @ 5C
23:08:00 <m3cr3d1s>	right ?
23:08:07 <m3cr3d1s>	I mean this is part of the problem of the dumop
23:08:18 <m3cr3d1s>	but as far as anyone in the channel knows, those are the only two chapters who have self-admitted
23:08:22 <m3cr3d1s>	to uploading media to the dump site?
23:08:33 <skyfaller_ppc>	m3cr3d1s: in the wiki page you should encourage people to create a folder for their chapter
23:08:39 <m3cr3d1s>	I will
23:09:08 <skyfaller_ppc>	also a web interface may be useful in future, e.g. the wiki, if people like Parker are having trouble with FTP
23:09:12 <skyfaller_ppc>	pyrak: what GUI?
23:09:28 <pyrak>	skyfaller_ppc, GNOME.  or maybe it's specifically nautilus.
23:09:38 <mllerustad>	Did everyone receive the login info?
23:09:39 <pyrak>	it's very odd indeed
23:09:42 <skyfaller_ppc>	lol gnautilus
23:09:48 <mllerustad>	I never got the chapters email that included it... hopefully others did.
23:10:01 <pyrak>	i did
23:10:10 <mllerustad>	Good.
23:10:31 <pyrak>	skyfaller_ppc, log?
23:10:35 <skyfaller_ppc>	pyrak: I was a fan of gftp when I last used Linux
23:10:39 <oo7akbnd>	I can contact BU and UN-L
23:10:46 <skyfaller_ppc>	pyrak: oh sorry, I didn't realize you meant now
23:10:51 <skyfaller_ppc>	oo7akbnd: OK, great :)
23:11:30 <skyfaller_ppc>	m3cr3d1s: Adi Kamdar = BU and UN-L, Nelson = Swarthmore and VT, Karen = Claremont & USC, Parker = Chadwick & Reed, Grahl = UF 
23:11:39 <skyfaller_ppc>	?def oo7akbnd 
23:11:39 <jibot>	oo7akbnd is Adi Kamdar and a member of Chadwick Free Culture
23:11:45 <skyfaller_ppc>	yesss, I spelled his name right
23:11:53 <m3cr3d1s>	OK.
23:11:59 <m3cr3d1s>	i'll try to get that on the wiki page for dump site