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(17:50:36) cwilkin: who all is here for the webteam meeting?
(17:50:43) gnuklear: yo
(17:50:48) ***ryanfaerman is not here for the webteam meeting
(17:50:53) ***ryanfaerman is just camping
(17:50:58) cwilkin has changed the topic to: | WEB TEAM MEETING IN PROGRESS: | Web team tracker:
(17:51:30) cwilkin: That's one.... we'll give everyone a few more minutes before we start going into this
(17:52:43) cwilkin: gnuklear: how wiki friendly are you
(17:53:29) gnuklear: by that I suppose you mean how much experience I have with wiki software, which would be hardly any
(17:53:48) cwilkin: k
(17:54:24) tannewt [n=scott@gentoo/developer/tannewt] entered the room.
(17:54:49) cwilkin: g'evening Tannewt
(17:55:03) tannewt: hi cwilkin 
(17:56:20) cwilkin: tannewt: how comfortable are you with wiki
(17:56:47) tannewt: cwilkin, haven't really messed with it.  Why?
(17:56:57) cwilkin: ok
(17:57:10) cwilkin: if everyone could play around with wiki and become familiar, that'd be fantastic
(17:57:15) cwilkin: we use wiki to take our minutes
(17:57:26) cwilkin: and its much easier if someone other than me does the minutes
(17:57:46) cwilkin: ping paulproteus
(17:58:43) cwilkin: OK, Let's get started. For those who are new, I am Chris Wilkinson, I am the leader of the webteam for
(17:58:58) cwilkin: We've been dormant over the summer, and now we are ready to pick things back up from where we left off
(17:59:09) cwilkin: First thing, who is here for the webteam meeting
(17:59:25) tannewt: haha, nice, I completely forgot about the meeting
(17:59:40) cwilkin: Well, chalk one up to divine providence 
(17:59:49) cwilkin: because you're right on time
(17:59:53) ***tannewt grins
(17:59:55) gnuklear: Well, that'd be me I guess, Anthony Patarini, University of Alaska Fairbanks
(18:00:08) cwilkin: tannewt, gnuklear, cwilkin
(18:00:19) cwilkin: Since there are only 3 of us, we will keep this short
(18:00:29) cwilkin: could one of you take minutes for the meeting?
(18:00:40) gnuklear: I'll do it, I gues
(18:00:54) cwilkin: If you are not comfortable doing it on the wiki, you could use a document and then send it to and i'll turn it into wiki friendly text later
(18:00:55) cwilkin: Excellent
(18:01:13) cwilkin: gnuklear, please be sure to include who was here in the minutes, and then we will pretty much follow the agenda
(18:01:23) gnuklear: alright
(18:01:49) cwilkin: First, make sure everyone knows how the website works
(18:02:05) soufron [] entered the room.
(18:02:18) cwilkin: We will worry about that outside of the webteam meeting, when i have a chance to go over it one-on-one with anyone who isn't familliar
(18:02:21) cwilkin: Welcome soufron
(18:02:33) cwilkin: gnuklear, tannewt are either of you familiar with cpanel?
(18:02:43) tannewt: a bit
(18:02:45) gnuklear: Used it before, but not too familiar
(18:02:49) cwilkin: a bit is better than no.
(18:03:09) cwilkin: So, we are going to worry about this later this week, before the next webteam meeting
(18:03:12) cwilkin: Next item
(18:03:15) cwilkin: Plan for getting things done
(18:03:32) cwilkin: We will be primarliy using the bugtracker, see link in topic bar
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(18:03:45) tannewt: do we use subversion?
(18:04:11) cwilkin: for more information
(18:04:39) cwilkin: no, we don't use svn
(18:05:18) cwilkin: see
(18:05:31) cwilkin: sign up at and join our team
(18:05:36) cwilkin: instructions can be found on the wiki
(18:05:57) tannewt: ok, I'm already signed up
(18:06:30) cwilkin: see
(18:06:33) cwilkin: excellent
(18:06:38) cwilkin: you with us gnuklear
(18:06:46) gnuklear: yup
(18:06:53) gnuklear: just following along, heh
(18:07:14) cwilkin: webdesigner issue... we need a pretty website... if you know anyone, track them down
(18:07:30) cwilkin: we had someone floating around but never were able to pin down their work.... i'll check with estarck about that
(18:07:30) tannewt: pascal is great but hes busy
(18:07:40) cwilkin: yeah, we need someone who is free
(18:08:23) paulproteus: pong, all.
(18:08:46) paulproteus: cwilkin, It's e-star or Elizabeth Stark, just fyi.
(18:09:14) cwilkin: that's right... e-star
(18:09:18) cwilkin: sorry, its been a while
(18:09:31) paulproteus: No prob.
(18:09:42) cwilkin: So, by the way, Notre Dame launched open courseware today
(18:09:46) cwilkin: and i'm a little excited
(18:10:00) paulproteus: tannewt, cwilkin, I did start importing the previous website into svn so we could track changes, but it's not working well so we can reconsider it.
(18:10:22) tannewt: paulproteus, hmm, I think svn is a good idea to have
(18:10:40) paulproteus: It depends on people using it.  It also fails for things that are autogenerated but someone paying attention can exclude those files.
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(18:11:52) cwilkin: sorry if it feels that i'm rushing, but i am, i have an exam in the irish language tomorrow - the down side of being in university and trying to balance the fc.o webteam - but it can be done
(18:12:05) poningru_ [] entered the room.
(18:12:11) tannewt: no worries
(18:12:18) gnuklear: ditto
(18:12:33) paulproteus: I also have a lot to do after this, but glad to be here.
(18:12:34) paulproteus: Is there an agenda?
(18:12:37) cwilkin: peru would like a & url --> tannewt can you create a bug to reflect this
(18:12:39) paulproteus: Should we prioritize tickets?
(18:12:46) cwilkin: we have been, yes
(18:12:54) cwilkin: please please please prioritize
(18:13:11) cwilkin: webteam mailing list is working
(18:13:21) cwilkin: i don't know what democracy tv channel refers to
(18:13:46) gnuklear: Familiar at all with Broadcast Machine?
(18:13:56) gnuklear: I mean, ever heard of it? 
(18:14:07) cwilkin: nope
(18:14:19) gnuklear:
(18:14:57) gnuklear: that's what is being referred to... easiest way to get something up on DemocracyTV to my knowledge... though, how worthwhile doing so would be is really up for debate...
(18:15:16) tannewt: right, I threw out the idea of creating a channel for free culture happenings
(18:15:25) cwilkin: ok
(18:15:47) cwilkin: lets get our current content under control before we tackle anything new, but i'll be sure to forward the idea along to nelson
(18:16:07) paulproteus: cwilkin, He already knows about the idea and thinks it's good.
(18:16:13) paulproteus: It can be implemented as a category on the blog, easy as pie.
(18:16:20) cwilkin: excellent
(18:16:28) cwilkin: bug it, then lets make it happen
(18:17:11) tannewt: paulproteus, you sure it can be a category?  I'm not sure how the channel RSS are structured.
(18:17:44) gnuklear: ... I'll make it work :p
(18:17:56) gnuklear: Done so before, will try again
(18:18:14) paulproteus: That's the spirit!
(18:18:17) paulproteus: But, uh, do we have content?
(18:18:26) tannewt: that'll be the tougher part
(18:18:34) gnuklear: DRM vids, once we have some
(18:19:02) gnuklear: and of course... has enough for a lazy weekend or two ;)
(18:19:25) gnuklear: Lessig Speeches, RMS' talks, etc... won't be hard..
(18:19:35) tannewt: I have a Lessig interview
(18:19:46) tannewt: I have content, I just need a video editor
(18:19:58) gnuklear: Person or program?
(18:19:58) paulproteus: tannewt, This ties into the idea....
(18:20:00) tannewt: but we should also have video from the chapters
(18:20:07) cwilkin: agreed
(18:20:21) tannewt: whats the idea?
(18:20:35) paulproteus: tannewt,
(18:21:05) cwilkin: Alright gang, i'm going to hop in here really quickly, we've gone through the agenda, but we can talk more about this
(18:21:11) cwilkin: for the most part the important things are resolved
(18:21:20) cwilkin: quick question, does Wednesday @ 10pm work for everyeon
(18:21:26) tannewt: yeah
(18:21:36) paulproteus: Sure, since I'm here now. (-;
(18:21:46) gnuklear: normally a good time, yep
(18:21:50) tannewt: paulproteus, thats cool
(18:21:57) cwilkin: excellent
(18:21:58) paulproteus: Better question: Are we missing anyone we want?
(18:22:03) cwilkin: plan on this, same bat time, same bat channel
(18:22:10) cwilkin: i don't know, i'm going to be sending out a feeler email this evening
(18:24:08) cwilkin: i've got to run, paulproteus seems to know this more than i anyway - gnuklear - you can wrap up the minutes - just be sure to note anything significant about democracy tv that comes up
(18:24:24) gnuklear: will do
(18:24:45) tannewt: paulproteus, we need to help pitivi development I think
(18:24:59) cwilkin has changed the topic to: | Web Team Meeting 9/27 :
(18:25:00) tannewt: bilboed is just busy
(18:25:22) cwilkin: so you guys know, i'm much easier to contact @ mayorcj on AIM
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