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Workshop Session 1: Open Access | Free Software | Free Music & Remix Culture | Free Video & Open Media
Workshop Session 2: Digital Disobedience | Communication and Collaboration | A Vision for | Models for Creators
2007 workshop reports +/-

Leaders: Kevin Driscoll and Rick Webb

Goals of this Workshop

  • To have an enjoyable conversation in which we hear several different visions for the future of free culture
  • To create a Developing Vision wiki page
  • To begin a process of gathering visions that will continue into the summer
  • To discuss best practices for writing vision statements


(5:45) Introductions, organization

  • Hi, howdy.
  • Who am I? Who are you?
  • Why are we here?
  • Appoint wiki-note-taker Developing Vision

(6:00) Predicting the future

  • What brought you to FC in the first place?
    • Friends?
    • Enthusiasm?
    • Fear?
  • How has the state of that impetus changed?
  • Can you follow it into next year? Five years?

(6:25) Composing your vision

  • Creating a narrative
    • "In 2012, ..."
    • "After several years, we found ourselves ..."
    • "One of the roadblocks we encountered was ..."
    • "In 2007, we started ... and now we ... "

(6:30) Round up / Last thoughts

(6:40) Selecting a rep

After the workshop

Working Group Report Backs

  • Volunteer to make a bangin' 3 minute summary in front of the whole conf

Sharing your vision

  • Participating on the Developing Vision wiki page
  • Working towards a more formal vision submission in June