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This is a Web Team meeting happening in IRC at 22:00:00 UTC/6pm eastern/3pm pacific.

the agenda is building off of last time: 2009-04-05

Things to discuss:

  • Moving our Lyceum installation to Wordpress MU, since Lyceum is abandonware. This really ought to happen soon. --Nelson 14:13, 5 April 2009 (EDT)
  • the laconica install
  • parker has crazy ideas about scheduling a mammoth hack sesh. maybe as part of the next FCCon. maybe some random day during the summer.
  • how are we doing on chapter hosting?
    • are there items in the queue? ie blogs/wikis that need be spawned?
    • are there changes/alterations that need to be made to the farm as a whole?
  • asheesh says:
    • install the software used here
      • good semi-replacement for the webteam mailing list
      • also the board mailing list
        • lends itself well to a decision-making process
    • also, let's install something to let people interface with the mailing list through a message board/forum format

action tasks:

  • turn these discussion items into solid bug reports
  • hack