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  • To encourage the Free Culture membership to consider the broader purpose and impact of its work.
  • To identify and make transparent the diversity we embody
  • To provide a guiding tool for future decision-making



  • Include a list of 1-3 specific goals
  • Compose a narrative paragraph describing the world in free culture terms after several years of success
    • How does your ideal 2012 differ from today?
    • How is your day-to-day existence different?
    • What does a city look like?
    • How have the lives of your parents and friends changed?
    • What does it feel like to live in a more free culture?
    • Does it smell different? Sound different?
  • Please write in your preferred language. We will concern ourselves with translation later.


Please create a title for your vision and add it to the bulleted list below.

Alternatively, you may email your vision statement to Kevin Driscoll via driscollkevin (at) Anonymous submissions are graciously accepted.

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