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February 2010, Washington D.C.

The aim of this page is to provide a structure for the Free Culture 2010 unconference discussion around the future and focus of Students For Free Culture efforts.

Open University Campaign, 2008-2010

The Open University Campaign (derived from the Wheeler Declaration) was formulated with enthusiasm and expected to become a major project of Free Culture efforts. Over a year and a half later progress has been made, but some general goals and deliverables are missing and substantial work remains.

Lessons Learned to Date

  • What progress has been made and what were the factors in those successes?
  • What have been the roadblocks to more progress?
    • Time/resources? Chapter involvement?
    • Scope?
    • Lack of institutional support?
  • Is there significant intellectual disagreement on core principles of the campaign?
    • If so, what is the common ground?

Organizational Questions

  • What are the limitations of a student organization (if any)?
  • How can SFC become a more effective advocate for Free Culture?
    • How is Free Culture evolving generally, and what is SFC's relationship to that evolution?
  • How can chapters be better supported?
  • How can SFC as an organization best support the growth and activities of individual chapters?

Unconference notes

Atendees list

  • Israel Saeta Pérez (dukebody) - israel.saeta at gmail - Charter for Innovation, Creativity and A2K, OER Tools and Tech & FLOSS in Science Education.