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Before posting the minutes from a FC.o meeting for the first time, please review the following guidelines. This will help us keep a common style, make information easy to find, keep the wiki easy to navigate, and ensure important information is included.

Create a page

First, check whether the day of the meeting has a page dedicated to it. The page name should be in the format YYYY-MM-DD.

If there is no such page, please create one, e.g. 2005-01-02

Posting the minutes


Before you write anything else, write the following line:

Minutes for the Day, Date Month Year type of meeting (e.g. open conference call, Core team call, AIM chat, ICQ chat, etc.) by Your user profile.

Please be sure to link to the Meetings page, as this makes navigating the wiki easier. You should also link to your User: page on the wiki. If you don't have one, create one!


Post the minutes of the call, stylized for the wiki, divided into appropriate sections and with links where appropriate.


Create an H2 section for whatever was resolved on the call, e.g. the time/date/place of the next meeting, assignments, deadlines, to-do lists, things completed, etc. There may be multiple sections, e.g. an H1 called "Next Meeting," an H2 called "Deadlines," an H1 called "Assignments," an H1 called "What We Need Help With," etc.

Link from Meetings

Edit the Meetings page and add a link to the minutes just posted, with a brief (one-line) summary of what was discussed or accomplished in the meeting.