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This is a recipe, a short document maintained by the web team to help you achieve something.

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This is the plan for moving the SFC web stuff to our VPN from Gandi. Once and for all.

UPDATE: We're working on it now and we're keeping notes in this pad:


  • our disk quote on gandi is 64gb
  • our disk usage in japan is 56gb
  • but we should check out how we can work things out given that gandi probably does something weird where 50 of those gb are in a folder at /media/storage or something

Parker and Asheesh will do this together in boston, over 3 3-hour sessions on jan 1st-3rd.

The plan:

  • Copy entire filesystem to GANDI
  • Make it the live one
  • Fight fires until they're over

Day by Day:

  • 1:
    • the MySQL hilarity, which parker mostly handles
    • Asheesh looks into the particulars of how we can copy the file system over and not break things, for example Gandi's remote management tools.
  • 2, 3: If that goes well, copy the filesystem and fix things. then figure out what's still broken, and fix that.

Things to do during december so that this will work:

  • make sure that we have enough space