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Note: This review of the university is still very much a draft. More summary and more references are badly needed.


The research the university produces is open access.

The university embraces free software and open standards.

The Linux and Unix Users Group at Virginia Tech has the most comprehensive list of required software available. Generally, most classes require proprietary software, although many CS and ECE faculty are more FOSS-friendly, and a number of professors are willing to accept work in completed with comparable FOSS.

If the university holds patents, it readily licenses them for free software, essential medicines, and the public good.

??? Current research policies

The university network reflects the open nature of the internet.

Due to the university's research institution posture, the network is very free and open. In the dorms there are mostly reasonable upload caps, but no deep packet inspection or other invasive management is performed. Some wireless connections are now assigned NAT'ed IPs due to a shortage of addresses. Lab computers deep-frozen, but students have (transient) rights to install whatever software. Firefox installed on every publicly accessible terminal.


The student-run school newspaper, the Collegiate Times, sydicates with McClatchy Newspapers making licensing their content more liberally seemingly more difficult.


Sympathetic professors: ???