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what can you do in 2 weeks???

  • why things are important
  • hammer down commitments
  • criteria


  • mission: to make the status of universities in relation to the Open University Campaign readily available and transparent
  • timeline
  • committees:
    • research
    • web
    • pr (after stuff gets done and we have a product)


  • sfc
  • mozilla
  • cc
  • foundations
  • berkman, other net/ip institutes



  • contact GRC

General inquiries: info[at] Media inquiries: media[at]

cc-licensed data exportable

site structure: mission - what are we doing? why is this important? grades methodology awards

attendance: adi wesley kevin parker richard glen

We need to hammer down categories


drawback: creating animosity btwn chapters

transparency of promises

info overlap

get a couple schools out the door to figure out stuff:

43 questions

creative commons?


patents - donovan rich - oa

wesley - grc, intellectual property

To come out of this: 1. Harvard's "full" report 2. Survey Insert non-formatted text here