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See the Summit 2006 press release!

Schedule of Events

Friday: speakers

Saturday: Workshops/participation

Actually, we'll chain the workshops throughout the day so that you're never forced to choose. You can always skip one if you really need an hour off.

9:30am - BREAKFAST

1pm - LUNCH and talk with Tim Burke about Google Print etc.

  • 1:45 PM: How to Work With Your Library: a brainstorming session facilitated by Swarthmore and UPenn librarians
  • 2:45pm - Prometheus Radio on wireless / LPFM
  • 3:45pm - Audio and Video remixing with Karen Rustad and Rob Matthews - double-header!

5:15 - 6:00 - DINNER

7:30pm - Lightning Talks

Lightning talks are 5 minute speeches that anyone can do on any subject (so long as it's relevant to free culture / this summit). We will do eleven in an hour (or 16 in 90 minutes if enough sign up). Sign up!

  1. Nelson Pavlosky - Share fun games with your friends... game rules can't be copyrighted
  2. Benjamin Horst - on his current project,
  • 8:30pm? - OPEN MIKE - Nelson, Justin and others want to rock out for a bit, and it's been determined that it is better to do this after the lightning talks. Location needs to be determined... perhaps it should be relocated to Sci 199.
  1. Justin Barca - "Chant Down Free Culture" - a Free Culture-inspired blast of poetry/song...
  2. Nelson & Luke - a mashup of some old popular tunes
  • 10pm - LAN party in Sci199

Sunday: Planning for future

1pm - LUNCH - Future of the Movement Roundtable Discussion

  • 2pm - National coordination/organization
  • 3pm - Awards ceremony
  • 3:30pm - Go home?

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