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  • Tutorials - DIY! Teach yourself and others how to do cool free culture-oriented things.

Tips on how to spread the word

  • Ask local libraries to order Lessig's Free Culture book (also, resource centres and freespaces in accord with the manifesto)
  • Put the URL to or (Lessig's book) in your email signature
  • Use chalk (or other environmentally friendly means, preferably) to advertise on your campus.
  • If you are a webmaster, link to
  • When the subject comes up in conversation, inform friends that there is an alternative to the RIAA/MPAA view of how culture should exist.
  • Go to local record stores, ask them to host a pile of handbills promoting Free Culture, and request that they obtain some CC works (and if they're really co-operative, have them post a poster saying "This store carries these Creative Commons artists: ...")
  • Set up a kiosk table with lots display boards, pamphlets, free software (Ubuntu ships CDs completely gratis), music to suit the theme, and as many wild props to grab people's attention that you can think of.
  • For students: do classroom announcements. Most teachers/professors are nice enough to allow you to make a 5 minute speech to the class. Try to make the link between the audience's field of study and Free Culture.
  • Be passionate. Everything is better once you've got that ;-)