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Statement of Purpose

I think the purpose should be to simply state the level of openness. The shaming, etc. will be side effects.

I agree with the above statement. The "helping students choose" is, realistically, probably not going to happen. Except for those few who would probably join SFC anyways :) Oo7akbnd 03:51, 8 July 2009 (EDT)

Sample Grading Scheme Thoughts

The research the university produces is open access. The university has an open access policy, requiring faculty to license their work to the university (1 pt)

I'm not an expert on OA, but do faculty actually license their work to the university? - KPD

The course materials are open education resources The university has a program dedicated to putting videos of courses online that are free and open (1 pt)

Shouldn't amount matter? What about more open licenses counting more?

Course syllabuses, worksheets, quizzes, etc. are free and open (1 pt)

Same as above...

The university embraces free software and open standards.

This is too vague for a university that wants to improve to have any clue how. I would split it into something like - "Students and faculty have no restrictions on using FLOSS on their personal computers." and "There are computer labs with FLOSS."

University computer systems utilize free and open source software (1 pt)

Good, but could be hard to measure without a response to a survey from the IT people.

Academic departments allow for students to turn in course assignments using open file formats (1 pt)

Good one. But I imagine this differs from professor to professor.

If the university holds patents, it readily licenses them for free software, essential medicines, and the public good.

Very difficult... need some serious thought on this one and how to do it. I would err on the side of a negative - "The university does not hold or use patents in obstruction of..."

The university network reflects the open nature of the internet.

Need good definitions to be taken seriously.

The university network is open and unfiltered (1 pt) Wireless connectivity is available (to the public?) university-wise (1 pt)

Need something about RIAA letters and DMCA take-down policy.