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Treasurer, Secretary

  • Take notes at all meetings
  • Post notes to the wiki
  • Remind the board about meeting dates
  • Responsible for physical files:
    • Banking
    • Taxes
    • Incorporation
    • Login/passwords for all accounts
    • Subscriptions
  • Treasury tasks:
    • Purchasing
    • Reimbursement
    • Invoicing
    • Processing donations
  • Scheduling
    • Maintain an SFC calendar of events
    • Maintain an SFC Board calendar of events
    • Remind people about upcoming deadlines
    • Develop schedules for important recurring events (e.g. national conference organization, board election)
  • Oversee fundraising efforts
    • Keep updated contact information on all sponsors
    • Liason directly with sponsors on the Free Culture end point
    • Ensure sponsors are included in event advertisement(ie website, pamphlet)
    • Report internally to board of directors on sponsor requirements and possibilities
    • Acknowledge correct exchange with sponsors
    • Keep a detailed account of past and present sponsorships

Internal community manager

  • Regular check-ins with existing chapters
  • Facilitate translating ideas, activities from chapters to whole-org (via blog, etc)
  • Suggesting activities, campaigns to chapter leaders
  • Distributing materials to chapter leaders
  • Co-ordinating in-person visits between chapters
  • Moderate discuss@
  • Communicating with FAB
    • Check in once per semester
    • Pass along SFC events, campaigns
  • Maintain chapter database
  • Coordinate Alumni network
    • Moderate alumni@ (does not currently exist)
    • Identify opportunities for alumni to get involved
    • Solicit news from alumni
    • Publicize achievements of alumni to current memberes
    • Invite alumni to participate in SFC events

New chapter liason

  • Same as above but specifically with new chapters
  • Manage new chapter registration process
  • Corresponding with people who want to start chapters
  • Connecting new chapters with existing chapters nearby
  • Coordinating face-to-face contact with new chapters
  • Moderate chapters@
    • Introduce new chapters to the rest of the community

Public relations

  • Interfacing with other orgs
  • Responding to press inquiries
  • Writing and distributing press releases
  • Publicize SFC events to the press and specialized new sites (e.g. Wired, Boing Boing)
  • Answering questions from non-members
  • Responding to blog comments
  • Solicit blog posts from community members and interesting outsiders
  • Maintain a presence on twitter and other social networks
  • Keep track of FC issues in the press
  • Draft & solicit op-eds and letters-to-the-editor
    • Share with chapters@
  • Maintain contact with FC-related projects (e.g. NotesHub, MESH, Diaspora)
    • Check in with these projects to offer support
    • Publicize news from these projects to SFC chapters

Tech and tools / Web Team Leader

  • Maintain internal organizing software
  • Interface with webteam
  • Interface with hosting service
  • Identify and manage projects that require outside help
  • Assist chapter leaders with tech issues
  • Encourage chapters to use the software we make available

Specialized functions

Election coordinator (Non-board member)

  • Create election calendar
    • Nomination deadline
    • Acceptance deadline
    • Campaigning period
    • IRC Q&A session
    • Election opens
    • Election closes
    • New board announced
  • Set up and maintain election software
  • Communicate with chapter leaders
  • Communicate with nominees
  • Compose appropriate blog posts


To develop a visual identity for Free Culture, raise awareness, improve impact, this person will...

  • Oversee the creation of SFC stickers by either designing himself/herself or by throwing a visualize Free Culture contest, or both
  • Liason with the board to review ideas and designs
  • Oversee the design of new shirts by either personal design or contest or both
  • Oversee the design of events logo by either personal design or contest or both
  • Oversee (or correct) the format of documents produced (e.g. welcome packs)
  • Will have access to all software required to collaborate with outside volunteers and print shops, including non-free software (Adobe)

501(c)3 coordinator

Toward the goal of establishing non-profit tax-exempt status with the U.S. government, this person will...

  • Determine the status of SFC 501(c)3
  • Determine the next steps toward achieving non-profit status
  • Realize 501(c)3 non-profit status

Conference roles

Lead organizer (may or may not be board member)

  • Live close to conference location
  • Locate and secure a venue
  • Be able to answer questions regarding logistics at the venue (audio, video, tabling, etc.)
  • Oversee the development of a conference website
  • Establish and manage a registration website (e.g. Eventbrite)
  • Coordinate on-the-ground needs
    • Space
    • Catering
    • Tech
    • Volunteer needs
    • Tables
    • Lodging
    • Social activities
  • Identify areas where help/attention is needed
  • Coordinate local promo


To ensure quality A/V during and after the event, this person will...

  • Determine all A/V needs based on the schedule and the existing tech at the venue
  • Generate a list of needed equipment
  • Confirm via borrowing or renting all needed equipment
  • Oversee the set up, production, and breakdown on-site
  • Liaise with the conference coordinator and on-site tech staff
  • Be available to answer questions from panelists regarding special tech needs
  • Oversee video recording for streaming and archive
  • Develop a plan for releasing video to the public after the event


To distribute funding to the maximum number and diversity of SFC members, this person will...

  • Receive all requests for travel funding
  • Summarize cases for board majority decision
  • Provide feedback to applicants
  • Liaise with the treasurer regarding finances
  • Evaluate the means of transportation and suggest cheaper alternatives

Speaker rep(s)

To ensure open communication and smooth logistics for panel participants, this person will...

  • "Own" a panel topic
  • Locate and invite potential speakers
  • Confirm invited speakers
  • Provide a reliable point of contact between panelists, the board, and the conference coordinator