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Meeting Date MeetingDate::2008/07/06
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Board Meeting? BoardMeeting::t
Core Meeting? CoreMeeting::f
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Meeting Agenda [[MeetingAgenda::
  • Finalize paperwork for incorporation
  • Next steps on working with Berkeley folks
  • Funding updates
  • Finalize t-shirt plans
  • Plan next meeting]]
Meeting Minutes [[MeetingMinutes::3:10

Kevin, Brendan, Fred on call

  • Regularly weekly meeting?
  • (TODO) Recurring Thur 4pm starting July 17


  • Elizabeth arrives
  • Conference updates
  • Berkeley Center for Law and Technology may assist us with accounting issues


  • Working collaboratively on outreach to potential FC conf supporters
  • (TODO: Kevin) talk to Tim re: advice
  • (TODO: Brendan) draft short paragraph describing our goals and needs
  • (TODO: Fred) talking to Joi re: advice


  • Planning a call between board + Berkeley people
  • (TODO) Wed 4pm, tentatively


  • (TODO: Fred) ordering t's on Monday afternoon


  • Incorporation update
  • (TODO: Brendan) review the bylaws, pass back to Elizabeth


  • Fred, Kevin sign off
  • Brendan, Elizabeth stay on to finish working on bylaws]]