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note: in the instructions below, '~' will only be the correct path if you're logged in as freecult

Step 1: Creating the chapter's web space

  • mkdir -pv ~/chapter-hosting/$subdomain/files

Step 2: Enable the chapter's web space in Apache

  • Become root, then
    • cd /etc/apache2/conf.d/
    • export subdomain=SUBDOMAIN_YOU_ARE_CREATING
    • cp 200-umich.conf 200-$subdomain.conf
    • sed -i s/umich/$subdomain/g 200-$subdomain.conf
    • git add 200-$subdomain.conf
    • git commit 200-$subdomain.conf -m "Created web space for $subdomain"
    • /etc/init.d/apache2 reload
  • Go to http://$ It will say "Curious. There seems to be an error" until you set up Lyceum for this subdomain, or configure a redirect in the Semantic MediaWiki entry for this chapter.

Adding a wiki

Wiki step 1: Put the files in the right place

Go to the right directory:

  • cd /home/freecult/chapter-hosting/$college

Now copy our MediaWiki setup in:

  • sudo git clone /home/freecult/chapter-hosting/wiki-skeleton/mediawiki/ wiki

Wiki step 2: Put content in the database

Now create the database you will use:

  • python /home/freecult/software/fco-svn/mediawiki-cloning/ /home/freecult/chapter-hosting/wiki-skeleton/mediawiki/LocalSettings.php

Take note of the username and password it prints. Now, open up LocalSettings.php with an editor:

  • cd /home/freecult/chapter-hosting/$college/wiki/
  • sudo nano -w LocalSettings.php
    • Update LocalSettings.php to have the right DB config info
      • $WGDBname , $WGDBuser , $WGDBpassword
    • Update LocalSettings.php to have the right Wiki name at $WgSitename
    • update: $wgLogo = "";

Now, run the script. (This makes sure that the new wiki, as well as all the old wikis, have all the maintenance scripts run that they need.)

  • cd /home/freecult/chapter-hosting
  • ./
    • note: this script uses $HOME, so it will only work if you're logged in as freecult. it might be a good idea to hard-code this to just use /home/freecult . -Parker

Ta-da! http://$ should work now.

TODO: info on creating admin user accounts for the chapter rep. Which user database does the wiki use/copy? For now, it looks like my account works for some reason, so i'll have the rep make a username, and i'll make them admin. -Parker

Wiki step 3: Customization for the chapter

  1. When you go to edit the Main_Page, you will see links to these templates: Chapter_name, Chapter_subdomain, School_name, School_url. Fill those in properly
  • use this url syntax: '.../wiki/template:$template_name'
  1. Create a username for the chapter's lead member and promote him to Bureaucrats.
  2. Whew, that's all!

Lyceum (WordPress farm)

  1. Log in as admin at
  2. go to the new user registration page
    1. IMPORTANT: you will need to be logged OUT of lyceum in order to see the right registration page
    2. otherwise, the blog will be tied to _your_ lyceum account.
  3. enter the desired username for the administrative account on the new blog
  4. enter the new blog's subdomain (under "blog address")


  1. from the terminal, ssh to
  2. Become root
    • cd /etc/apache2/conf.d/
    • Look at 200-$college.conf - make sure the "DocumentRoot /home/freecult/subdomains/" line is commented-out, and make sure "DocumentRoot /home/freecult/chapter-hosting/lyceum_test/src/lyceum/" is enabled.
    • run /etc/init.d/apache2 reload

now the blog is live. have a representative from the chapter create an account on lyceum, and give them admin powers for their new blog. do this by going to the $ . click on users. search for the username that they created. tick it and give them admin permissions.

Moving an existing wiki to the farm

Prepare DB

  • First get a SQL dump
    • As per this warning, use --default-character-set=latin1 for really old wikis.
  • Then create a new DB for shared wordpress hosting
  • Then use the mysql CLI to import the dump
  • Then delete the SQL dump!

Prepare MW

  • move AdminSettings.sample into AdminSettings.php
  • Edit LocalSettings.php to be similar to the old one, but with the current DB
    • NOTE: If you did --default-character-set=latin1 for the mysqldump, you will want to set $wgDBmysql5=false in LocalSettings.php.
  • Comment-out the define("MW_INSTALL_PATH") at the top
  • Set IP to ~/chapter-hosting/$chapter/wiki/
  • cp -a ~/software/mediawiki/maintenance .
  • php maintenance/update.php maintenance/refreshLinks.php

Good! If it said it worked, then:

  • rm -rf maintenance
  • mv AdminSettings.php AdminSettings.example
  • edit LocalSettings.php and re-enable the define("MW_INSTALL_PATH")
  • Copy their old logo into ~/chapter-hosting/$chapter/files/fcWikiLogo.png
  • Remove the "#" before the $wgLogo setting in LocalSettings.php

Prepare Apache

  • Do the usual Apache preparation as per chapter hosting in general.