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Hi _____!

I wanted to follow up with you regarding your chapter of Students for Free Culture. I'm the founder of the Georgetown chapter and a former member of the Board of Directors. This is an exciting time for SFC and we wanted to get in touch with everyone in our system to see how the school year finished up and how you and your chapter are doing.

Over this past year, Students for Free Culture continued to grow with new chapters, held a successful conference in Washington, DC, became a registered non-profit, and unveiled our first Faculty Advisory Board (including Professor Lessig and others).

Over the next year, we hope to continue this progress, notably through fundraising enough to hire an employee who could dedicate more time to nurturing chapters, an effort that, admittedly, could use significant improvement. However, in the interim, and because the summer offers me some free time, I wanted to get in touch and hear your thoughts. How is your chapter doing? Do you have any specific areas of focus? Where do you think SFC should be a year from now?

I'm readily reachable via email, but also would love to find a bit of time to chat, if you're interested (Skype: kdonovan11; (630) 849-8285). You can think of this as something of a census, but with far less effect on your taxes! Knowing the status of our diffuse organization will help the current Board of Directors better meet your needs and better approach donors in our fundraising efforts.

I hope your summer is going great (and that you aren't victim of the 100 degree temperatures I am in D.C.)!

Hope to hear from you soon, Kevin