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Linux Flier

Free Culture for GNU/Linux

"Talk is cheap. Show me the code." --Linus Torvalds

The emerging trend in software development...

Proprietary software has problems

  • Security flaws are more prevalent and serious in proprietary software
  • Security and bugs fixes take much longer to be implemented
  • Users have little or no control of the course of software development

Proprietary software dominated the marketplace until Linus Torvalds and a loosely knit group of hackers from around the world began development GNU/Linux. They did something new, they gave out the source code. Many started joining the GNU/Linux movement because they could see the source code, make changes, experiment, and express their creativity like never before.

GNU/Linux has several major advantages as compared to proprietary software

  • Bugs are less common with peer review of source code before releases
  • Security flaws and bugs are fixed on a much shorter time frame
  • Users are encouraged to become involved in the development of software

Open source software works, just look at the numbers, the City of Largo, Florida has 900 employees using GNU/Linux and saves about $1 million yearly. Major cities such as Munich, Germany are also making the switch along with companies such as Amazon, E*Trade and Salomon Smith Barney.

Open Source software is part of the Free Culture Movement

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