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Current Status

Google Talk works with the versions of Pidgin available from the Pidgin website (2.0.0 and 2.0.0beta7). You must build with SSL Support enabled (see Help -> About to check).


Google Talk is Google's Instant Messenging service. a Jabber/XMPP service, but due to it's integration with gmail the initial configuration is a little different than setting up a normal Jabber/XMPP account (which takes all of about three clicks). If you have installed gaim, or Pidgin (the new name for Gaim) then you can create a gmail account and start using Google Talk with Gaim.

For demonstration purposes:

  • Gmail Account:

Setting up Google Talk with Gaim

Quick'n'Easy Setup:

  1. Select Tools -> Accounts.
  2. Select Add in the Accounts window.
  3. Select Protocol: Jabber. If you are using Pidgin, select Protocol: XMPP
  4. Type Screen Name: JohnDoe75 in the first textbox.
  5. Type Server: in the second textbox.
  6. Click Save. Do not click Register.
    • (No other options need changing, but you may change options such as Save password, Resource as you prefer first, of course)
  7. Select and click Enabled

Using your Google Talk account you chat with with anyone on who uses Google Talk, Jabber, or any other XMPP service or client!


If you're looking for information on using Gaim with GIM, Google IM, Google Instant Messenger, Google and XMPP, Google's Jabber or Google Talk you're at the right place!

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