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Schedule: Discussion 1 | Discussion 2 | Infinite Smallness | Lunch National FC discussion | Discussion 3 | Chapter & project reports
Workshop Session 1: Open Access | Free Software | Free Music & Remix Culture | Free Video & Open Media
Workshop Session 2: Digital Disobedience | Communication and Collaboration | A Vision for | Models for Creators
2007 workshop reports +/-

National Conference 2007

Austin Hall, Harvard University, Cambridge, MA

'IP Collage' by Aphid




  • 11:00am -- Welcome from Harvard Free Culture
  • 11:15am -- Discussion 1: Access to Research and Education (John Wilbanks, Science Commons email me, Steve Foerster, WikiEducator, SJ Klein, OLPC)
  • 12:15pm -- Discussion 2: Code, Freedom, and Control (John Sullivan, Free Software Foundation, Mako Hill Ubuntu/Freedom Defined, Peter Brown, Defective By Design )
  • 1:00pm -- Interlude -- Institute for Infinitely Small Things (Sasha Pirun and Catherine Kanarinka)
  • 1:15pm -- LUNCH (Thank you Berkman Center and Vitamin Water!)
  • 2:00pm -- Discussion 3: Creating Free Culture (Jace Clayton, DJ/Rupture, Fred Benenson, Creative Commons, Ken Freedman, WFMU)
  • 3:00pm -- Chapter/Project/Group Reports
    • 5 minute, informal presentations from Free Culture chapters, and FC-related Projects and Groups. Sign up at the registration table.
  • 4:30pm -- Working Group Session 1
    • (a) Open Access
      • How can we work together to better facilitate access to research and knowledge?
      • Facilitated by Greg Price and Gavin Baker
      • Location: Austin East
    • (b) Free Software
      • What strategies can the free culture movement use to promote free software?
      • Facilitated by John Sullivan and Binary Freedom
      • Location: Austin West
    • (c) Free Music and Remix Culture
      • What are the best ways to encourage musicians to license their music freely?
      • How can we better involve the many people participating in remix culture in free culture?
      • Facilitated by Jace Clayton and Antenna Alliance
      • Location: Austin North
    • (d) Free Video and Open Media
      • How do we do outreach to creators of video and how do we leverage free and public domain archives?
      • How do we promote free and open standards for digital media?
      • Facilitated by Dean Jansen and Ben Weeks
      • Location: Morgan Courtroom (2nd Floor)
  • 5:30pm Ice Cream BREAK (Thank you Limewire!)
  • 5:45pm Working Group Session 2
    • (a) Activism and Digital Disobedience
      • What does it mean to be digitally disobedient and how far can we go?
      • Facilitated by Fred Benenson and Nick Reville
      • Location: Austin North
    • (b) Communication and Collaboration
      • How can we better coordinate within the free culture movement and work with outside organizations?
      • Facilitated Elizabeth Stark and SJ Klein
      • Location: Morgan Courtroom (2nd Floor)
    • (c) Forming a Vision for Free Culture
      • What is the goal for this movement in the next five/ten/twenty years?
      • Facilitated by Kevin Driscoll and Rick Webb
      • Location: Austin East
    • (d) Models for Artists and Creators
      • What models can best enable artists to create free culture in a sustainable way?
      • Facilitated by Ben Sisto and Rebecca Rojer
      • Location: Austin West
  • 6:45pm -- Workshop reports and summing up
    • Each group will have a 3 minute time slot to report the results of their working group. We also ask that they post notes on the Workshop Wiki Page.
  • 7:30pm -- DINNER at Various Harvard Square Restaurants
    • Thai -- Smile Thai, 16 Eliot St., Harvard Square
    • Tex/Mex -- Border Cafe, 32 Church St., Harvard Square
    • American -- John Harvard's, 33 Dunster St., Harvard Square
    • Ethiopian -- Addis Red Sea, 1755 Mass Ave., North of HLS
    • Pizza -- Pinocchio's then JFK Park, 74 Winthrop St., Harvard Square
  • 9:30pm -- Dance Conspiracy -- Meet by the Harvard Square T

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