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Criteria for projects

A project can be considered to be under the umbrella if it meets the following criteria:

  • The project must fit within the objectives of the free culture movement, i.e., it must support the creation or discovery of freely licensed cultural works, or the liberation of existing proprietary content.
  • It is possible for new contributors to join development (if applicable) and content creation (if applicable)
  • The project has a clear policy to not tolerate abuse, harassment, trolling, or other abusive behavior (an example is the Contributor Covenant)
  • The project maintainers agree to provide updates on significant milestones for the newsletter. These updates are collaboratively edited prior to publication.

Projects may utilize the following shared resources, as appropriate:

If maintainers have need for more resources not currently provided, see the shared resources page for information on how to get access to the server and become a maintainer for new services (which need to have potential use beyond the project they're set up for).

Projects may be archived from this page if they're deemed inactive (e.g., no updates submitted to newsletter within a year).

Affiliated projects

The following projects affiliate with (in alphabetical order):

Project name Description License Additional terms


A nonprofit search engine for the web

Free Your Stuff

A content liberation tool for supported websites

  • Code under CC-0, libraries under various open source licenses
  • Default license for content is CC-0; CC-BY and CC-BY-SA supported

A community for free and open reviews of absolutely anything

  • Code under CC-0, libraries under various open source licenses
  • License for content is CC-BY-SA (for reviews) and CC-0 (for metadata)

Community funding for public goods

Free Music Wiki

♪ The Wiki Songbook for Free Music ♪

  • various licenses (must be FCW compliant!)

For account creation, you will need the anti spam password: 1Nagv2Fcnz3

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