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The heck? I thought people used FTP for website work. Well, sometimes. SSH is neat too, and it's what we use for SSH is encrypted, which means security. It allows terminal (command-line) access, in addition to file transfers.

It's not all that scary.

Generating a key

  • ssh-keygen -t rsa
    • Tell it you need no passphrase.

Then email $HOME/.ssh/ to Asheesh!

For File transfer

SSH uses the SFTP/SCP protocol for file transfer.

  • Grab a program
    • Windows
      • Check out winscp or filezilla
    • Mac

It you're on linux, you can just set run the "connect to server" thingey and choose SSH.

  • The server is
  • The username is freecult
  • Ask a webteam member (probably asheesh) to get the password

That's it! Now that wasn't so bad, was it?

For Other Stuff

Some times you need to actually log in to the server to run commands (e.g., mysql, wget, tar, etc.). In Linux or OS X:

  • Open a Terminal (or Gnome-Terminal, or Konsole)
  • type: ssh

On Windows:

  • Download PuTTY
  • Tell it you want to connect to the SSH server called
  • When asked, tell it your username is freecult