What Are The Main Factors To Get A Dental Crown?

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It is often observed that people don’t think that a crown is necessary for them as they misconception that dentists want to crown teeth for their own benefits. But it is not true, Top Dentist In Houston, tries to protect your teeth so that they can survive for long.

The two main specific reasons for a dental crown:

Broken tooth:

If your tooth has broken in the past or it breaks recently, you will be lucky if the damage is not so deep that you have to go through the root canal first before the crown.

The dentist can recommend Dental Crowns Near Me if the teeth are at risk for fracture because of large fillings and the visible fracture lines.

Large fillings:

Large fillings can cause when a tooth has been decayed and dentists need to remove tooth structure in order to fill it. If the tooth is frequently undergoing the filing treatments, most often very little tooth is left to work on that. The dentists at Best Dental Office will use the composite filling to bond the tooth with adhesive. If there is a small space of natural teeth left, the bond can break and the filling will fail. In addition, the material is not so strong as the materials are used to make a crown.

Crown Dental Houston

A dental crown is similar to a hat that is used to cover most of the parts of the tooth. While 24 Hour Dentist Houston prepares a tooth crown, he/she will numb the affected area and remove about one to three millimeters of tooth structure from all sides of the tooth surface including front, back, both sides, and biting surface as well. There will be left a mini tooth that will allow space for the tooth crown to take up in the mouth. The dentist at Houston Dental Clinic will make an impression for making a temporary crown so that it can be sent to a dental lab to fabricate a permanent dental crown. After that, you will have to visit the dentist’s office to get the permanent crown cemented onto your tooth after a thorough check. The average life of a dental crown is about five to seven years.

There are different types of dental crowns:

Your dentist can recommend the material that is most suitable for your dental crown.


The crowns are used to restore the front teeth. It is very popular due to its ability to get blended with your natural tooth. It is made of a porcelain-based material.

Porcelain fusion with metal

This crown gives a stronger bond compared to regular porcelain because it is associated with a metal structure. Its duration is also extreme.

Gold or silver alloys

This crown is a mixture of gold, silver, copper, or other metal. Furthermore, it provides a strong bond to the tooth as it doesn’t fracture.

Base metal alloys

This crown is made up of highly resistant metals that are hard to corrosion, and make a very strong crown. It also needs the least amount of healthy tooth to be eliminated prior to fitting.

So, if the symptoms are indicating that you require a dental crown, book your appointment at the nearest dental office to get it done.