What Is The Best Option For Tooth Discoloration Veneers Or Teeth Whitening?

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Usually, people are getting stained teeth due to their bad food habits that make their teeth stained and they lose their shining smile. The colour of the tooth is considered by the dentin and its enamel composition. When your teeth are stained, a yellowish layer is composed on your teeth that affect your smile badly.

Multiple diseases also cause tooth discoloration such as treatments for certain conditions that affect the tooth colour including head, neck radiation, and chemotherapy, etc. Furthermore, during pregnancy, women can have certain infections that may cause tooth discoloration in their babies when the enamel’s development process is taking place. Also, if you are taking certain antibiotics that may lead to the teeth discoloration problem. The treatments for tooth discoloration can be taken at Midtown Dental Office. The dentist near me now will help you to decide which treatment will be better for you after examining the state of your teeth.

To makeover your smile you can walk into the dentist office open near me. The two common treatments that are suggested by the dentists in tooth discoloration, can be teeth whitening, or veneers depending upon the condition.  Both treatments are useful in that case, you can choose them if they suit your condition.

Teeth Whitening:

Teeth whitening includes the applications of bleaching agents such as hydrogen peroxide or carbamide peroxide to whiten your teeth. The process is also known as tooth bleaching. Bleaching targets tooth discoloration by removing stains to enhance your smile.

The best teeth whitening results can be achieved when the procedure is performed by a dentist as they have experience and are well trained. The procedure varies depending on the teeth whitening option that you select in the dentist open near me.

The whitening process commonly takes one hour or less. During the procedure, the dentists will apply a bleaching gel to the surface of the teeth for fifteen to thirty minutes. Or the professionals perform the laser teeth whitening in which they use a high-intensity light to speed up the procedure. Patients can see whitening results immediately after the procedure.

Veneers teeth:

Another option that can be used in tooth discoloration, is dental veneers. Dental veneers are made of tooth-colored shells of porcelain that are placed over the top of the front teeth surface to correct the affected tooth enamel, or misalignment of teeth, or tooth discoloration, or chipped teeth, etc.

The veneers near me vary depending upon the patients’ state, usually, the procedure completes over a six week period. It takes two dental visits to be completed. The initial visit takes the diagnostic evaluation to make sure if there are oral health concerns that can affect the procedure. After that, the dentists help you to select the correct shade for veneers from the shade chart. Moreover, the professional removes a small portion of the enamel from each tooth to make room for the veneer to get adjusted so that it can’t affect the patients’ bite. Then, he/she creates a putty of the teeth with a removed enamel layer. The mold then hardens and is sent to the lab for the veneer creation.

Cosmetic Dentistry recommends that the patient should speak with a dentist for a complete and thorough evaluation of your unique considerations.