What Services are included in the Family Dentistry?

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Probably everyone needs A Family Dentist who can help with the dentistry issues anytime also you can be concerned about your issues on call and make an appointment. But what do you understand about a family dentist or a general dentist? What can you expect from a general dentist or a family dental practice, like Sapphire Smiles Dental?

The best family dentist provides patients to be well-informed about what they do at the dental office and the services they provide. Here are some common and necessary information about family dentistry

What services family dentistry provides?

A family dentist provides services that are related to oral hygiene and preventive dentistry with the speciality like dental implants, dental crown, tooth whitening, Sapphire Braces and cosmetic dentistry.

The most common services include the following:

6-month cleanings and exams Routine– Teeth cleanings and 6-month exams are extremely important to prevent oral diseases, it allows your Sapphire Family Dentistry to monitor the health of your mouth or your child’s oral hygiene.

Fluoride and dental sealants treatments – Fluoride and dental sealants can help to prevent conflict cavities and are often used in kids who are cavity-prone.

Cavity routine checks and fillings – Cavities are, by far, the most obvious preventable teens health condition, so Sapphire Dentistry specializes in identifying and treating cavities with fillings.

Orthodontics – Sapphire Dental Care will offer orthodontic evaluations, though not all family dentists offer orthodontics in-house and may refer you to another specialist in the area.

Gum disease treatment– Gum disease is very common in grown-ups, so family dentists use procedures like deep cleanings, the tooth restoration process, gum flap surgery, and antitoxins to deal in case of gingivitis or gum disease.

Sapphire Dental Houston also offers additional special services, but these are the most common.

Some Common Dental Conditions Include Following –

It’s not hard to achieve and maintain optimal oral health by meeting regularly and checking routine with your family dentist and practising good oral health at home. However, a number of issues can affect the health of your mouth, like:


It is this disease swallow and sensitive gums are affected.


This is advanced gum disease results and needs a specialist dentist. Periodontitis results in the loss of gum tissue that holds teeth in place This more advanced type of gum disease results in the loss of gum tissue that holds teeth in place.


Also known as dental caries, cavities are the diseases that hold in the teeth that grow larger over time. To prevent cavity, may require filling, root canal, or sometimes tooth extraction, depending on the situation

Dental abscess

An abscess may signify infection, which gives pus inside the gum. The symptoms of dental abscess such as fever, intense pain and swelling.

Damaged or missing teeth

Teeth can become infected or lost for a variety of reasons. Absent teeth can lead to a number of difficulties, such as jawbone decay, shifting teeth and a collapsed shape of the face.

Cosmetic Dentistry issues

If your teeth are discoloured, lightened, misshapen or slightly misaligned, Cosmetic dentistry like Sapphire Teeth Whitening options can help you achieve the shine, attractive smile you desire.

Patient education about family dentistry is very important. Depending on the different situation, Sapphire Dental will thoroughly explain all of your treatment options to help you determine the best dental solution for your budget and lifestyle.

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