What Should I Expect In A Deep Cleaning Procedure?

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Deep cleaning is also referred to as periodontal scaling and root planing. The process is quite similar to the cleaning that is done by an oral hygienist in that the dentist cleans your teeth but mainly he /she focuses on the exterior surface of the roots and beneath your gum line.

Deep cleaning teeth are needed when the building up of tartar has caused extensive infection in gums. The cleaning is essential as it can save you from experiencing a wide variety of dental problems. The deeper problem requires deep dental cleaning.

Is deep dental cleaning painful?

The pain after the procedure depends on the patients’ condition. Most often patients will experience different levels of pain and discomfort. Patients who require pain treatment can take pain reliever medicines prescribed by their dentists.

The time period to complete the dental deep cleaning:

According to General Dentistry, time duration depends on the patients’ certain condition. Some patients may require a deep cleaning while others may take between one to two hours to complete the procedure. Professionals at Dental Care Center may take up to an hour to clean each of the four quadrants of teeth, and if the case is severe, it may take more than one dental visit.

Is it possible to reattach receding gums after a deep cleaning?

Gum restoration depends on the condition of receding gums, if they are only minimally receded, then they will heal on their own and reattach themselves. But if there is gum loss due to its severeness condition the gum will not grow back. Most of the patients expect the reattach of gums after going through deep cleaning because all harmful bacteria has been removed to remain gums healthy.

Recovery time after a dental deep cleaning?

Most patients may experience some tenderness and discomfort for two to three days after undergoing a deep cleaning. The reason is that the gums will be sore and even a little swollen after the procedure of removing all of the plaque and tartar build-ups. They may often also experience different levels of tooth sensitivity for about a week, which may gradually decrease over time.

When you need a dental deep cleaning?

It is important to understand the necessity of cleaning your teeth. If you have not done teeth cleaning for a while you should visit the dental office to get your teeth cleaned. As it is necessary to keep your mouth healthy. So, you can make an appointment for Emergency Dental Care to undergo the procedure if the disease is serious.

Care Tips after the deep cleaning procedure:

After the procedure, if the patient has pain for a day or two or he/she is having teeth sensitivity problems for up to a week, or he/she has swollen gums with blood. You need to stay away from smoking until and unless you have healthy gum or teeth. Also, be careful while consuming certain foods such as popcorn, nuts, chips because they can deposit particles in the gums.