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Workshop Session 1: Open Access | Free Software | Free Music & Remix Culture | Free Video & Open Media
Workshop Session 2: Digital Disobedience | Communication and Collaboration | A Vision for | Models for Creators
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National Free Culture Conference 2007

Working Group 2: Models for Artists and Creators

What models can best enable artists to create free culture in a sustainable way?

  • Date & Time: 05.26.07, 5:45 PM
  • Location: Austin Hall (West), Harvard University, Cambridge, MA
  • Workshop Leaders: Ben Sisto and Rebecca Rojer

General Flow of Workshop

  • [5:45] Quick introductions. Who are the workshop leaders & why are they taking part?
  • [5:50] Who is taking part in the workshop, and what are some main interests / motivations?
  • [6:00] Start Talking! Open to all directions, but some general questions to keep in mind:
    • What is art?
    • How is art made?
    • What is the social value of art?
    • What is the monetary value of art?
    • How do artists make money?
    • How does one's artistic focus impact their potential outlook on licensing?
      • (example: Painter Vs. Conceptual Artist Vs. Textile Arts)
  • [6:30] Start wrapping up, make closing points, brainstorm list of resources and further reading
  • [6:40] Select someone to present information back to large group later on

Workshop Leaders

Ben Sisto / Email / AIM: bensisto

Rebeca Rojer / Email

  • Student, Harvard University

Workshop Participants

Note: I added this list, but didn't have time to check names, get full names, emails.. please update as needed! - Ben Sisto

General Conclusions

Coming Soon!

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