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[[Agenda]] for the Wed, 26 Jan 2005 Core team call by [[User:Gavinbaker|Gavin]].
* Graphic formats
** "The formats we should use are The GIMP (xcf), Photoshop (psd), and one of the following: GIF/PNG/TIFF/Targa (tga)"
*** Can Photoshop open GIMP files? If so, there's no need for Photoshop files.
*** If not, we should GIMP, Photoshop, PNG, and PDF.
* Has anyone contacted [http://www.giantrobotprinting.com/ Giant Robot Printing]?
* Is there a repository of contact information yet?
* Andy will clean up, generalize, and convert the currently graphical fliers. Is this done?
* Have you watched Colin's stuff? How do you feel about it?
* Has anyone contacted [http://www.railerband.com/ Railer]?
* What do we think of putting together a DVD?
* Who does video editing? What software do you use? Is there free software available?
* Do you have access to a digital video camera?
* What's not done with the strategy paper?
* What's not done with the policy paper?
** Needs mission statement
** Needs policy goals reviewed, fleshed out
** We should have PK or someone look it over
* What's not done with the activist packet?
* What's not done with the manifesto?
* Where do things stand? What should we do? What can we do? When should we do it?
** Address more international issues
** Better delineate between U.S. and world issues
** Make Web site more accessible
=Open Access=
Time to start talking about this
* Andy & Ben, internal comm. -- can you start emailing the appropriate list when minutes have been added to the wiki, emailing meeting reminders, IMing people before meetings?
* Contact of Railer & Giant Robot --> external comm

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