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Here are the minutes from today's call (Sunday 1/2/05):

  • Discussion of Internal Strategy Paper
    • What other potential future projects should be in the paper?
    • Broadcast Flag
    • NotNews? Some project promoting alternative media?
  • Strengthen our connection with "adult organizations"
    • how to avoid Undead Art prize problems in the future
    • keep organizations updated on our activity
    • have strong channels of communication open between the FC movement and

these organizations

    • assign new contacts for orgs
    • draft a letter to send to orgs explaining who our contact is and what

the general idea is... Make it clear that we want to go both ways, i.e. we're not just looking to leach off of them.

    • should we appoint people within close physical proximity?
    • or people with some specific connection?
    • could we recruit James Grimmelmann for CC? (Nelson will e-mail him)
  • Potential Liaisons
    • Rebekah for PK (she interned last summer with them)
    • Nelson with EFF (ditto)?
    • James Grimmelmann with CC (ditto)?

  • Meet up at PK in DC next week? Details to come.
    • "Hill Days" ­ going around, meeting with legislators, etc. Again,

details to come.

  • How/when to figure out who will be part of the Core and various


    • Agreed to put this off for a little bit.
  • Get ideas for External Policy Paper from PK and other organizations.
    • Look for other national student groups who care about legislation.
    • Rebekah will send out an e-mail to the Discuss list requesting that

people look for examples of external policy papers.

  • Keep reading/editing Internal Strategy Paper and following the Talk page.

Online meeting: Monday Jan. 3 at 10PM EST (AIM chat FreeCulture).

     GOALS: finish Internal Strategy Paper and set a time to begin work on

the Activist Packet at the end of the meeting.


  • Finish Internal Strategy Paper by end of meeting tomorrow night.
  • Finish Activist Packet by end of this week (Fri).
  • Finish External Policy Paper by the 15th.

That's it, I think. Sorry I if I missed anything!