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*For editiing
*For editing (require changes to use on campus, layers)
**GIMP, Photoshop
**GIMP, Photoshop
*For non-editing
*For non-editing (ready to use, no layers needed)

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Minutes for the Core Team conference call on Jan. 26, 2005 by Andy Scudder

Open Access

Need to work on basic infrastructure

  • Essential to
    • Recruiting
    • Keeping the group together
  • Abhay is our core team member in charge of Open Access
  • Open access is an issue that can cause real change and be ongoing, more than just our previous one-shot campaigns and contests
    • Has been a big draw in the past, for example at NYU people responded to learning more about open access
    • Answers the question of what we're doing about IP issues
  • Peter from Public Knowledge has some helpful links for Open Access
  • We want to 'sell' university libraries on the cost and research benefits of carrying Open Access journals

Important Organizations

  • The Alliance for Taxpayer Access
    • Universitys joining with this org and open access journals can help NIH fulfill their mission
  • NIH - wanted to open up Medical research immediately after publication, but is being pushed back constantly
    • This is inexcusable, because medical research changes so quickly


  • Read Peter's links
    • talk to him about our position/plan for Universities
  • Find out the policies on your campus, update the core/wiki (section coming soon) on what the situation's like at your university
    • Develop stratiegies in response


  • For editing (require changes to use on campus, layers)
    • GIMP, Photoshop
  • For non-editing (ready to use, no layers needed)
    • PNG, PDF