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Minutes for the Core Team conference call on Jan. 26, 2005 by Andy Scudder

Overall Organization

Need to work on basic infrastructure

  • Essential to
    • Recruiting
    • Keeping the group together
  • Let's use Basecamp and work at meeting due dates again

Open Access

  • Abhay is our core team member in charge of Open Access
  • Open access is an issue that can cause real change and be ongoing, more than just our previous one-shot campaigns and contests
    • Has been a big draw in the past, for example at NYU people responded to learning more about open access
    • Answers the question of what we're doing about IP issues
  • Peter from Public Knowledge has some helpful links for Open Access
  • We want to 'sell' university libraries on the cost and research benefits of carrying Open Access journals

Important Organizations

  • The Alliance for Taxpayer Access
    • Universitys joining with this org and open access journals can help NIH fulfill their mission
  • NIH - wanted to open up Medical research immediately after publication, but is being pushed back constantly
    • This is inexcusable, because medical research changes so quickly


  • Read Peter's links
    • talk to him about our position/plan for Universities
  • Find out the policies on your campus, update the core/wiki (section coming soon) on what the situation's like at your university
    • Develop strategies in response


  • For editing (require changes to use on campus, layers)
    • GIMP, Photoshop
  • For non-editing (ready to use, no layers needed)
    • PDF for printing
  • For browser viewing
    • PNG
  • Provide fliers in both formats whenever possible, so that you can "plug and play" general fliers, or customize for your needs
    • Fliers will be converted to new formats by next Wednesday, Feb. 2

Text Documents

  • Just text
    • RTF
    • ASCII
  • With Images
    • Open Office, Word


On the back burner at the moment...

Contacts to Make

"Copy for Freedom"

Orphaned Works

SUMMARY: The Copyright Office seeks to examine the issues raised by "orphan works," i.e., copyrighted works whose owners are difficult or even impossible to locate. Concerns have been raised that the uncertainty surrounding ownership of such works might needlessly discourage subsequent creators and users from incorporating such works in new creative efforts or making such works available to the public. This notice requests written comments from all interested parties. Specifically, the Office is seeking comments on whether there are compelling concerns raised by orphan works that merit a legislative, regulatory or other solution, and what type of solution could effectively address these concerns without conflicting with the legitimate interests of authors and right holders.

DATES: Written comments must be received in the Copyright Office on or before 5 p.m. EST on March 25, 2005. Interested parties may submit written reply comments in direct response to the written comments on or before 5 p.m. on May 9, 2005.

  • How should we respond?
    • Find out what public knowledge is doing
    • Get as many comments as possible
      • Both as an organization as individuals
      • Tell them exactly what harm could be done by not having access to orphaned works
      • Publicize/Encourage specific individuals to comment
        • Ask archivists, libraries, etc. etc. on how this affects them and what they think
        • Submit to Slashdot
        • Blog it
  • This agency is interpreting the law, and this may never get to the legislator