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===[[Orphan works RFC]]===
===[[Orphan works RFC]]===
Review [http://freeculture.org/orphans/ orphan works comment submission site], accompanying blog post & press materials
Review [http://freeculture.org/orphans/ orphan works comment submission site], accompanying blog post
===[[Open access]]===
Determine our response to [http://www.soros.org/openaccess/ Budapest Open Access Initiative] and [http://www.cptech.org/ip/wipo/genevadeclaration.html Geneva Declaration on the Future of WIPO]
* Do we like one/both of these?
* Get our schools to sign on?
* Sign on as an organization (as FC.o)?
* Encourage individual members to sign on?
* Is the [http://www.cptech.org/ip/wipo/genevadeclaration.html Geneva Declaration] still accepting signatures?
===Status updates===
Update on progress:
* FC.o signing onto [http://www.taxpayeraccess.org/ Alliance for Taxpayer Access]
** [[User:Scudmissile | Andy]]
* FC.o signing on as a [http://creativecommons.org/about/affiliates Creative Commons affiliate]
** Arthur Chu (via Nelson?)
[[Minutes]] for Sunday call on February 6, 2005 by [[User:Nicholasbs | Nicholas]].
'''Attendance:''' Andy, Ben Li, Desirina, Gavin, Jeremy,  Mike, Nelson, Nick, Rebekah
'''Not in Attendance:''' Elizabeth ''sorry all I had another meeting for a group project. I think we need to clarify some of the legal issues involved in the orphan works FAQ. I made comments on the Wiki.''
===Update on the ATA===
*awaiting response via e-mail
===Creative Commons===
*trying to become an affiliate; affiliate site hasn't been updated in a while.
===CC P2P idea===
*Nelson will respond to Creative Commons, and will cc Gavin (the new contact for CC)
*Still no word back. I (Nick) will keep trying to contact them.
*Are they a good fit? What do we want from them? How could we help them?
===Video update===
*Jeremy has an FTP server we can upload clips to
*Jeremy will send an e-mail out to the Core with details (done!)
*Mike and Jeremy will talk about editing
*Footage is still due Feb. 13.
*Everyone on the call plans to submit footage!
===Orphan works===
*Gavin, Amanda and Elizabeth will continue working on text and press release
*Gavin will send a message out to the Announce list when everything's ready
*Who should  be the press contact? Who knows the most about orphaned works?
**Nelson and Gavin for the national release
**Local chapter members for the localized press releases
*Still need example comments for site
**Can we get some comments by Tues. or Wed?
***Nick will send an informal comment to Gavin by Wed.
**Ask professors that might have personal experience trying to find rights holders
*Could we get a visible documentarian to ally up with us?
*We need to promote our page!
**Go to your professors at your law schools, your librarians, your film and art professors
**Send out an e-mail to your local FC mailing list
*Could also be an opportunity to encourage people to write to  their legislators about the greater copyright issues we face (should  be mentioned in the blog post)
===Open Access===
*We didn't read what we were supposed to read. Before next Sunday, everyone should read these two SHORT documents:
**[http://www.soros.org/openaccess/ Budapest Open Access Initiative]
**[http://www.cptech.org/ip/wipo/genevadeclaration.html Geneva Declaration on the Future of WIPO]
*Sign on as FC.o, sign on as individual chapters, sign on as individuals?
*We want to blog our concerns about the library declaration, but that we should still move forward.
*We'll revisit this next week -- please come to the Feb. 13 call with your opinion
===Discussion of international copyright law===
*Discussion of the Berne convention
*We want to blog that we think the Berne restrictions should  be the absolute MAX anywhere (less is of course better)
**Do we really agree with this?
*Berne says copyright notice isn't required for protection
*There was much discussion of automatic registration, extremism, how much we should demand, what's reasonable, strategy for getting what we want...
*We need to keep updating the site
*Contact Us page needs to be updated
*Need to update the Chapters page
*Everyone get a freaking blog!

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Agenda and minutes for the Sunday, 6 Feb 2005 conference call

The agenda and minutes for other meetings are available on the Meetings page.


Agenda by Gavin

Orphan works RFC

Review orphan works comment submission site, accompanying blog post