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What is the vigil?

What is the point of doing candlelight vigils around the country? What are the ideas behind it? What do we want it to accomplish?

  • A pre-packaged event for local chapters that are trying to get started.
    • Comes with press release, flyers, graphics, slogans, ideas for the event.
    • Needs to sound interesting and cool to normal people.
    • Needs to attract new people to the club... has to come off really well
    • We can reuse ideas from Save the iPod and Save Betamax
  • A press opportunity
    • Media attention both for local chapters and the national movement.
    • Media attention on case
    • An opportunity to capture video for an eventual video presentation.
    • Chance to take pictures for local blogs
  • A forum for people
    • A chance to express how you feel
    • Opportunity to learn more about the issue

How are we doing it?

What's the gameplan? Who's doing what? This is supposed to help our local chapters, so there's a limit to how much we can ask our local chapters to help us write stuff etc., but on the other hand some chapters are in better condition than others.

  • Need to make care package for event
    • Press release, flyers, graphics, slogans
  • Need to attract press
    • Local chapters may not be good at handling press yet, hold their hands
    • Call nat'l press
    • Blog it, make sure our contacts in the blogosphere blog it

Is this a good model? Are there other models we can look at?