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<br />Mike Wolk - Colby
<br />Mike Wolk - Colby
<br />Nicholas Bergson-Shilcock - Franklin & Marshall
<br />Nicholas Bergson-Shilcock - Franklin
<br />Nelson Pavlosky - Swarthmore
<br />Alex Benn - Swarthmore
=== Franklin & Marshall event ===
*discussion of moglen's speech (?)
*statistics brought up - triggered discussion
**1/2 of people who share music illegally use P2P
*food was good to attract people
*was rainy - probably discouraged some people
*big paper banner
*press release
*got into afternoon paper (apparently)
**should get into paper 1-2 weeks in advance - attract community
*swarthmore has created a list of stuff to do when propping - trying to keep swat wiki out of google, so it's not linked here
*good idea: table ten (?) - adverts placed on tables in dining centers
*reserve space early
*nick will blog about it soon
=== aside: flag for Free Culture ===
*we need a professional graphic designer to redo our look
*lego logo & gray is good though
=== Eben Moglen - recently discussed at Swarthmore ===
*diff between Moglen's and Lessig's positions
**Lessig: if we don't do anything we will lose our rights
**Moglen: it will happen eventually - fatalistic - build it and they will come
*Lessig is more mainstream - better suited to an uneducated audience
*context at Swarthmore discussion: free culture isn't honestly a grassroots movement - we're not helping people organize what they already believe in - we need to inform them
**needs to be some central push outwards
**although we have been getting new groups, it's because of what we've been doing
**Gavin has been responsible for lots of attention
**we should ping the new campuses
=== Mike - Colby update ===
*film festival getting underway
*will be showing student films
*compare to "Frosh Life" at Duke - students submit films about being freshmen
*festival will be held on the 27th
*should add new blog to aggregator once it's up
*[http://colby.edu/freeculture colby.edu/freeculture]
**will soon have redirect from colby.freeculture.org
**officially live today
**should be added to map once someone has some free time
*posters are up
*octopus is "mascot" - visible on Contact page on site - from creative commons-licensed image from Flickr
**idea was to make competition seem less formal
*Mike has some people lined up to help
**needs to sit down with someone and get them on recruiting
=== FreeCulture.org's birthday is coming up - Apr 23rd ===
*Swarthmore is having a LAN party
*could be tied in with the Colby film festival
=== Nelson went to Grokster arguments ===
*was really cool
*took pictures - was in [http://www.wired.com/news/digiwood/0,1412,67061,00.html Wired News] - picture 4
*lacks time to blog about it
We may be getting a new chapter at Princeton
=== Conference calls: are these worthwhile? ===
*people have been spending time working on local stuff
*If we don't get large turnout, should we call them off? Are we doing something wrong? Are they not useful?
*May be less than perfect, and almost no one might be able to come
*However, it's a good way to keep people in touch, up-to-date
*To have people actually talking is something that doesn't always work well in other formats
*Alternative is chats through AIM or IRC
**there is a power to the voice
**dead air makes people feel need to say something
*makes the national organization seem more "real"
*so we shall continue
=== How should we increase attendance at conference calls? ===
*have agenda online ahead of time
**has been done by Gavin in the past
**no one has picked up slack since he took sabbatical from doing that
**not much going on on national level since Gavin took sabbatical
*people should consider bringing someone with them to conference call
*people need to stop going to other countries
*we should create a standard structure for these conference calls
**we have minutes, which is good
**what else could we add to create more structure?
**efficiency = good
**need more focused discussion perhaps
*chaos of wiki is bad - disorganized
**internal blog for core people might be good
***better than digest emails
**need webmaster willing to do this for us
next call is Sun at 3 PM

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No agenda was prepared before this conference call.


Mike Wolk - Colby
Nicholas Bergson-Shilcock - Franklin